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'1+1=2' is the arithmetics of followers.
The arithmetics of disruptive innopreneurs is '1+1=11'.

Making it BIG is about
being a disruptive force and a game changer in your market.

Empower Yourself To Change the World!

Invent a New Product Entrepreneurial Strategies Intellectual Teamwork Strategic Creativity Team Creativity Benefits of Innoball e-Coach Innovarsity 10 Commandments of Innovation Kore 10 Advices to Aspiring Innopreneurs Creative Problem Solving How To Evaluate Ideas Quickly Examples: Innoball Games To know your enemies, become them Spiral Integration of Ideas Advanced Ideation Techniques

From Idea to Customer Success 7 Routes to High Profits Virtuoso Marketing Customer Success Innoball Process 10 Commandments of Innovation New Product Development Invent a Great Product Inventive Thinking Customer Value Proposition Innovation is Love Coaching by Example Innompic Contests How to commercialize an inventions: 3 steps from idea to customer success, Innompic Games, free innovation e-coach, Vadim Kotelnikov

Innovation is Love    10 Commandments of Innovation    Entrepreneurial Creativity

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e-Coach for Disruptive Innopreneurs at Innompics Vadim Kotelnikov: Personal Branding Denis Kotelnikov Vadim Kotelnikov: Disruptive Innovations Disruptive Innopreneur: Kore 3 Roles Master of Business Synergies (MBS) Innovarsity Challenging Assumptions Entrepreneurial Creativity Business Architect Working Smart and Hard Surprise To Win Disruptive Innopreneur Innopreneur - Innovative Disruptive Entrepreneur: Kore 3 Roles - Descreator, Syntegrator, Archibuilder, Denis Kotelnikov

8 Habits    3 Creativities  >>  2 Catalysts    Kore 10 Advices    MAD Song

Customer-driven Innovation  >>  Love Customers  >>  Quotes    Virtuoso Marketing



Benefits of Innoball Team Assessment Innoball Process Examples Innompic Contests: Innoball Innoball: Stronger Team Innoball, Innovation Football, Brainball, entrepreneurial simulation game, Innompic Games, how to create breakthrough innovations

Strategic Creativity    Inventive Thinking    Why New Products Fail

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Vadim Kotelnikov logo icon Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

Inventing New Things

Anticipating Opponents' Moves


Vadim Kotelnikov logo icon Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Cross-functional Excellence

Synergize Innovations




Stand Out from the Competition    Strategic Business Success

Prepare to Win: Write Your Success Story

3 Levels of Radical Innovation    Innovation vs. Operations    Radical vs. Incremental Innovation

Leading a Venture    Innovation Management    Leading Innovation

New Product Development    New-To-the-World Product

Creativity    Creative Dissatisfaction

Creative Problem Solving    Turning Problems To Opportunities

Capturing an Shaping Ideas    Fast Idea Evaluation

The Jazz of Innovation  >>  Yin-Yang of Innovation Jazz  >>  11 Guiding Principles

Radical Innovation    Radical Project Management

Customers of Innovations >> Involve Customers as Co-innovators

Customer Value Proposition  >>  Advertising Slogans

Entrepreneurial Strategies  ●  Stand Out from the Competition  >> Virtuoso Marketing  |  Creative Marketing

Innovation Jokes Jokes  >>  Creative Problem Solving >> How To Succeed in Innovation

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