Innoball - Innovation Brainball - how to succeed in radical innovaton

Launching a radical innovation project
without playing Innovation Football
is like starting a football game
naively believing that the opposing team does not exist.

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Before the Innoball Game begins




Simulation Game in Process

The Innovation Team makes a creative move. The Opposing Team creates a new challenge.

While a team thinks, the other team tries to anticipate its move and figure out the most challenging development of the situation.

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Team members generate creative solutions individually first ('Garden') and then synergize their ideas. ('Kitchen').

The team leader selects the best idea to build upon and leads the idea integration process.

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Innovation Football simulation game, quick evaluation of ideas

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The two teams, in turn, reveal their proposed way of development of the current situation.

The moderator selects the option that's more beneficial for learning and entrepreneurial creativity development as the next challenge.

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Fun is a great learning, team building and creativity boosting tool.

It's also a vital component of Innompic Games as the most useful Creation Show.

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