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Strategy is about creating strategic options and making strategic choices. You have a strategy if you can point to the options you have chosen among and explain why you made the choice you did.

Entrepreneurial strategy is about making breakthrough choices among realistic options to use your capabilities and resources to achieve your entrepreneurial vision.





Making Better Strategic Decisions

Consider alternatives to choose from to make a better and more viable strategic decision.
Giving reasonable alternatives a fair evaluation by comparing them to each other against the same criteria
encourages focused assessment and improves longer term commitment to the choice.




Strategic Flexibility and Strategy Innovation

 If you want your strategy to work, take stock of it periodically to see whether your choices lead to the desired results
in a constantly changing environment. Learn from the strategic feedback, find new opportunities and threats,

define new alternatives and make a new choice among them.


Strategy Innovation why and how 3 catalysts

Strategic Flexibility

Strategy Innovation  >>  Need

Creative Dissatisfaction  ●  Reassess Past Decision


Learning SWOT Questions

Rapid Experimentation with Business Ideas  ●  Feedback  ●  Flexibility

Creative Problem Solving  ●  Turn Problems to Opportunities


How Tp Create a Market Niche, stand out from the competition

Creative Marketing - stand out from the competition


Stand Out from the Competition    Virtuoso Marketing  >> Advertising Slogan


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