Making it BIG is about being a disruptive force and a game changer in your market. >>>

3 levels of RADICAL INNOVATION: Breakthrough, Disruptive, Game-changing innovations

Breakthrough Innovation

Breakthrough innovations solve challenging problems innovatively and/or create significant improvements in customer value compared with existing products.

Such innovations are usually the results of strategic creativity and  experimentation by individual breakthrough thinkers or research and development labs (R&D).

Breakthrough innovations create large technological advances and can catapult a company, product or service well ahead of competitors.  >>>


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Disruptive Innovation

A disruptive innovation is a proactive innovation that brings to a market a very different value proposition than had been available previously, creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established leaders.

As disruptive innovation serves a market segment that did not exist before it usually entails a change in a business model and creation of a separate brand. It initially provides inferior financial performance, but may ultimately result in huge capitalization growth and high profits.

Game-changing Innovation

Game-changing innovation transforms markets, the society and the nature of competition. 

Game changers develop innovations and introduce new product categories that have a radical impact on how people perceive the world, think and behave.

Such innovations enthuse visionaries and opportunity seekers.

Game changing innovations require creation of radically new business models and can ensure long-term success for a business.

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Innompic Gamesintellectual Olympics for innovators are a unique example of all-in-one levels of radical innovation ‒  breakthrough, disruptive, and game-changing innovation.

Breakthrough innovation
Innompics are a civilizational breakthrough and THE SOLUTION to 7 global challenges.  >>>

Disruptive innovation
Innompic Games create a huge highly beneficial market niche and global impact for centuries ahead.  >>>

Game-changing innovation
Innompics are new games for the new world. Olympics are for athletes, Innompics are for radical innovators, people who change the World...

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