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Prepare to Win: Write Your Success Story
before starting your venturepreneurial flight

Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

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Effective for both Individuals and Teams


This exercise is to help aspiring achievers ‒ individuals and teams, kids and adults ‒ to achieve tremendous results.




Prepare to Win: Write Your Success Story before starting a venture



Envisaged Success Story as an Innovation Football Mini-game

The envisaged journey to success may be created in the form of an entrepreneurial simulation game, such as Innovation Football (Innoball).

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT) will help you create diverse challenges and innovative responses to them. They will also help you  highlight the essence of major turns of the journey when you make a venture presentation or tell a story... More


Set a Big Stretch Goal

Be determined to achieve something seemingly impossible, but extremely desirable.

Define 5 to 7 milestones on the way toward this desired future and set your brain on the path toward achieving your stretch goal. Having achieved each milestone celebrate victory and proceed further.

Visualize Success

Vividly imagine that you have managed to stretch yourself and achieved your stretch goal. Now, walk back and examine the pathway toward your tremendous success. Notice specific, most impactful steps on the pathway you took to get there.

Create a list of all those critical elements the attitudes, the abilities, the skills, the resources, the actions, and the people that helped you to achieve each milestone.

Write Your Success Story

Go back to the present with a new appreciation for the steps on the path to your stretch goal and the critical elements of success.

Write your success story describing what you wanted to achieve and why, what challenges you faced on the way toward your stretch goal, and how you managed to win the battles and the war.

This success story will become the best guide towards your stretch goal.







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