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Innompic Games help people all over the World, both adults and kids,

become Loving Creators

and create a brighter future for others and for themselves.

Kids from various countries are involved in Innompic Show Teams and
help make Innompic Games a value-added global Creation Show


EKICHAWO - Empowered Kids Change the World


In the video series 'Empowered Kids Change the World (EKICHAWO)'
kids are asked the question below and video-recorded
while they are listening, thinking and suggesting a solution.


‒ Imagine that the Creator who created the World and everything around you tells you:

'I did my best while I was creating this World. Yet, I can judge about my work from my point of view only. I don't know how people feel about it, but I do know that both kids and adults would like to change the World for the better.

You are a very nice and smart girl. I'd like to give you my power of the Creator so you could make the World better by improving one thing you think is most important to be improved.

What would you like to improve, why and how?'


 ‒ So what would you improve in the World and how?




How To Video Record a EKICHAWO Interview with a Kid



No practice!

The kid should be prepared to answer an important question but shouldn't know what you're going to ask him or her. 

Yet, you may intrigue the kid just before asking the question to achieve his or her greater emotional reaction. For instance, you could say, 'Do you know that you are a HERO? You'll be able to demonstrate how great a hero you are RIGHT NOW!'

You may also change the wording of the question to adapt it to the kid's character, but
the core message should be the same:

You give the kid the Creator's power to improve one thing in the World
‒ whatever he or she thinks is most needed to be improved.

Video record the kid while he is listening, thinking and presenting his or her solution.

You may conduct the interview in any language ‒ just send us the text in English.

And don't forget to ensure good quality of light and voice.

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EKICHAWO 1 will be released in September 2017

Selected EKICHAWO kids will be invited to the Innompic Fun Teams