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INNOMPIC TEAM should be creative, entrepreneurial and cross-functionally excellent to be able to come out with an outside-the-box value innovation, present it artfully, and design a way to strategic business success.


 Desired innopreneurial skills

Breakthrough Innopreneurial Team Innovative Business Model Inventive Thinking Intellectual Teamwork A to Z of Innovation 360 Innoball Innoteam Entrepreneurial Strategies Virtuoso Marketing Anticipation Creative Problem Solving Creating Customers Value Innovation Value Innovation Breakthrough Innopreneurial Team Radical Innovation Team - Competences of an Innompic Team, venturepreneurial team






How To Build a Great Innompic Team

Ask every candidate to write his/her 1 to 3 Success Story/ies "How I Managed To Win the Innompic Gold Medal in the discipline of his/her choice".

The stories will help you both assess the potential of each candidate and build a balanced team that would be strong in all Innompic disciplines.

Have the candidates to hone and assess their entrepreneurial creativity skills at Fun4Biz

Having shortlisted 10 to 20 candidates, play 2-3 Innoball games to make the final assessment and select 5 to 10 team members






International Teams

Both national and international teams may participate in all-win and Innompic Games that celebrate constructive competition and nurture cross-cultural unity and peace.

Participation of international teams differentiates Innompic Games from their elder brother Olympic Games and other world cups as a stronger peace ambassador.

International team at Innompic Games, Malaysia UniKL international team 2018





Team Introduction Video


Russia Team

Champion of the 1st World Innompic Games 2017


Family Teams