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 Artful innopreneurial responses to creative challenges




Holistic Approach to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial creativity contests of Innompic Games are designed so that to approach the art of innovation holistically A-Z/360. The objective is to grow disruptive innopreneurs, not just inventors or business plan writers.

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Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

The driving force of innovation is love.  By its nature innovation is a science-flavored art. The process of innovation, ideally, is jazz − improvisation within a guiding structure, in reality, it is a football game.

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Innovation is never about just one idea however great it is. It's a chain reaction of ideas inspired by simulation, experimentations and market learning.


Noble 8-fold Path of an Innopreneur

Selling Innovations



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Innovation A-Z/360

In today's era of systemic innovation, an innovation process must be designed holistically and synergistically. Innompic Games are THE ONLY contests in the World that approach innopreneurship comprehensively A-Z/360.



Innompic Games entrepreneurial creativity contests all-win constructive competitioninnovation creation show

Every challenge-based Innompic contest is an opportunity to hone your outside-the-box thinking and ideation skills, creativity, inventiveness, entrepreneurial flexibility, and − most importantly − value innovation capabilities.




The Art of Innovation Creation Show Innompic Theatre sMusical-Inn "Startup 'Romeo & Juliet'' Innompic Anthem Trend Setter Innompic Games Creation Show the Art of Innovation Innompic Games  

Innompic Games are Innoball designed as not just an entrepreneurial smartness competition,
but also as an inspiring and the most useful creation show so IG could make a greater global impact.




Innompic creation show is the most useful show because it turns people to loving creators and helps them grow fast.


InnoBall Simulation Game

Creative Marketing



Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

Creation is our divine mission! Innompic Games are the World's #1 entrepreneurial creativity contests and a creation show.

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Innovation Olympics where Everybody Wins





Similar to Olyimpic Games, Innompic Games inspire amazing performances, but the focus is on  smartness − entrepreneurial creativity and the art of innovation.

The approach to winning is different as well − Innompics are  all-win, not win-lose games which makes them less dramatic and more joyful.

  Innovation Olympics Innompic Games motto Smarter, Brighter, Worthier intellectual brother of Olympic Games



Innompic Games is the most-useful show − a highly inspiring, educative and empowering creation show. It is a challenge-driven constructive-competition where there are no losers − everybody wins by overcoming creative challenges in an innopreneurial way.




5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games

Earth: Innompic values and culture inspire Innompians to invent new things, to design mega-innovations holistically, and to perform at Innompic entrepreneurial creativity contests in an amazing artful way... More



Денис Котельников Инномпийские игры Dennis Kotelnikov Innompic Games

Musical Metaphoric Model of Entrepreneurial Success




First Impressionism

First Impressionism is a vital art of creating a desired first impression. This strategic key to success is a bit of science, but more of heart & art synergy.

Amazing and charmingly different performances of all contestants, and especially champions, at World IG 2019 and World IG 2020 inspired creation of First Impressionsim as a vital new art that helps people achieve much more both in life and business.



Spoken Innovation

Spoken Innovation is passionately and artfully narrated and presented the purpose, the essence and the journey or a story of an innovation-based venture or an innovator's intent or experience... >>>




The Art of Storytelling

Artful storytelling is a key competence of an innopreneur and venture marketer... >>>



Mike Zelin

The Goal of Science is to understand the Beauty of the Truth. The Goal of Art is to understand the True Beauty.

Michael Zelin



INNOMPIRSITY - innopreneurial Innompic University, how to create breakthroughs and disruptive innovation

Chedufuntion: Challenge-based Education + Fun + Action is a trademark Innompic way of making accelerated learning of innopreneurial arts and skills A-Z/360 a reality



Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

Innompic Games synergize soft innovation and art, business presentations and creation show, constructive competition and fun.

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