Star Teams

At virtual World Innompic Games 2020, the international Jury panel rated First Impression 30 second videos by top 5 teams quite equally. 3 branded teams (Russia Innompirsity (8.55),  Zimbabwe VLC (8.2), Russia FinUni (8.09)) and 2 family teams (Russia Creators (8.18), Zimbabwe Chikumbas (8.09)) received similar marks.

So the organisers decided to split the First Impression video contest into 5 categories based on the team videos submitted − Value Innovation, Team Spirit, Integrated Diversity, Creative Generations, Brave Passionaries − and celebrate each of the top 5 team as the Champion in a relevant category.




Star Teams

'First Impression'  team videos as elected by the IG 2020 International Jury





Miss & Mister FIRST IMPRESSION World 2020


Each Jury member was requested to submit a list of 5 contestants who impressed her/him most − in order of the strength of the impression made


Points awarded by the international Jury to the top First-Impressionsits




Runner-ups and Champions

'First Impression
individual videos as voted by the IG 2020 International Jury





Birth of First Impressionism

Amazing and charmingly different performances of all contestants at World IG 2020 inspired creation of FIRST IMPRESSIONISM as a vital new art that helps people achieve much more both in life and business.