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Kim about IG
Iíd been involved with the Innompic Games since the very beginning in Pune, India in 2016. Vadim, the founder, has infused the principles of collaboration, creativity and co-creation into this high energy event. I have participated in two series of this event in Malaysia and India as a member of the jury of judges. It is a pleasure to encourage and contribute to the various teams in their journey to bring their ideas into the market place. This fundamental beginning is important for teams to work together in a cheerful and supportive environment to have the best ideas and to think several steps ahead.


Dear 360 leaders , please read what I sent you via email and navigate the IG site . I am planning a one hour Zoom coaching session on how we will participate in the Innompics Games 2020. Itís both fun and inspiring. Do not be pressured at all. For now here is the very first thing you each need to do . Create a 30 seconds video introducing yourself . Remember this video will be posted on the IG website and millions worldwide will see and listen. First impressions are key to who and how you want the world to see and know you . You can talk, sing 🎶, dance 💃, or even draw ; however you can best introduce yourself . When people see your video they must say : ď I want to do business with this person and I want to be friends with this personĒ . Letís set ourselves till next Friday to have each a final video. You can inbox me with your draft videos for guidance till you have a final version by Friday next week.

Have fun and letís each make a difference to a dying world. Love ❤️ you and appreciate you all. Dr Peter Chikumba


Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe

Innompics is the greatest opportunity for me to be a part of something far greater than my own imagination. That's a nation I want to be an Ambassador for.

Peter Chikumba




ZoŽ Chitsike, Zimbabwe, creative dancer

Nothing should stop you from who you want to be because you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God made you that way

ZoŽ Chitsike




Dr. Peter S. Chikumba
Business & Leadership Coach
Vision Leadership Centre (VLC)

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