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World First-Impression Champions 2020






Video, duration 30 sec



Contest Dates

1st Jul − 30 Sep




Do Whatever You Like, but Be Yourself

You may talk, you may sing, you may dance, you may play, you may draw... You may do whatever you like to introduce yourself, but you must

① be yourself and

② impress your audience.

Денис Котельников пецец Россия Denis Kotelnikov lead singer Innompic anthem



Contest for Kids (3 to 12 y.o.)

① Decide what impression you want to create
② Be so

Do whatever you like. You may speak ANY LANGUAGE as words don't matter much for the First Impression.


Indian kids First Impression Contest online Innompic Games



Team Contest

Teams are also invited make their 30-second "First Impression" video. This video can be made without gathering the team members in one place. Team members can write a script, assign roles, video-record individual inputs and then assemble all individual inputs in one 30-second video.

  Example 2020  | Winner of IG 2019

Best Russian innovators, award-winning Russia Moscow Innomoic Team World Innompic Games 2019







Top 5

'First Impression'  team videos as elected by the IG 2020 International Jury



Runner-ups and Champions

'First Impression
individual videos as voted by the IG 2020 International Jury







Person Individual

Malaysia KPMSI Innompic Team 2020

Videos by the team members for the 'First Impression' contest



   Person Kids

'First Impression' video by
Avishree Nepal,

11 y.o.




Innompic Games: Awards



Miss / Mister Innovation World 2020

The marks received in the 'First Impression' contest will be taken into account when defining the Miss and Mister Innovation World 2020 award winners.

See the weight of the marks here.




Best Innompic Team 2020

The marks received by teams in the 'First Impression' contest will be taken into account when defining the Best Innompic Team 2020 award winners.

In turn, among other team awards, the 'Best Innompic Team' award adds the most to Innompic organisational rating and individual ratings of each team member.





Innovation and Entrepreneurship e-Coach Innompic Games Vadim Kotelnikov

First impressions last.  Once created, the first impression is difficult to change. The audience will make decisions about you from your first appearance, your facial expression, your body language, your words and the sound of your voice. Make the most out of it!