In today's overcommunicated world, being just Radically New
is not enough.

You must also be

Vadim Kotelnikov How to market radical innovation new product quotes advice





Tell a GREAT STORY  Innompic Games ; create attractive headlines   >>>

EXCITE and PROVIDE BRIDGES from the boring present to an exciting future


Build a VIBRANT COMMUNITY of enthusiast users and early adopters






Target Enthusiasts and Early Adopters

If you create an enormous value innovation that brings about a world changing benefit, start by winning a few enthusiast users over, and they will promote your innovative solution via buzz marketing, word of mouth and advocacy.

Excite the prospects. Create and tell a great story – eye-opening, emotional and entertaining. Lead the prospect's imagination to a place where they are inspired to use your radical innovation.

Eliminate barriers to trials and inspire enthusiasts to try your radically innovative product. Provide them with great content for social media and buzz marketing. Having earned testimonials from enthusiasts, enthuse a larger number of early adopters. Build a vibrant community of enthusiasts and early adopters who will lead others by example.




Provide Bridges from the Boring Present to an Exciting Future

Be familiar and new, obvious and surprising at the same time. Don’t fall into the trap of ‘radically new’ at the expense of habitual. Leverage prototypes, have the right cues in place so that people know what it is without your having to explain it. Then add stuff to differentiate or evolve your innovation.

Example: Innompic Games – New Games for the New World

Established millenniums ago, Olympic Games help great athletes shine, but modern world is driven by creative and innovative people, not warriors. It needs also new intellectual Games. Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION.




How To Market an Innovative Event

Stand out from both direct and indirect competition

Focus on enthusiasts and visionaries

Seduce influencers

Talk about what they'll miss by not coming


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