Why Do You Need a Powerful Headline

It doesn't matter how amazing your product is If you don’t grab the attention of your target audience instantly, they're going to leave and most likely never return.

Your headline is the first thing your target users see. The headline creates the most powerful first impression. A weak headline will cause people to click off your article and trash your sales letter. A powerful headline will make people read what you wrote.

Powerful headlines will help you increase your open rates, give your websites better engagement, and help you sell more products.


Coaching by Example

Innompic Games' entrepreneurial creativity contests require the teams to create 3 headlines each for their mega-innovations.

The model Innompics-style presentation of Innompic Games provides 3 sample headlines:
"All-Win Contests for Difference Makers", "Venturepreneurial Love Games", and "Greenhouse for Innovative GREATbodies".

  Best Headlines for Innompic Games



MFB formula

Use Motives-Flash-Bait (MFB) formula to write a powerful headline


Figure out what motivates your target audience and makes them tick - behave in the way you need them to.


Define the star feature of your innovation – the most distinctive, valuable, and differentiated user benefit you want to highlight.


Make the readers curious - write an attention grabbing sentence that makes them want to read the article. Optional: add suspense elements to create the sense of anticipation and an intense feeling of wanting to discover what's beyond the headline.

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