In today's overcrowded market, being excellent is not enough,

you must Stand out from the competition!
You must be remarkable and rememberable!



Innovative Marketing

You must be creative if you want to create customers for an innovative product or service.

Traditional marketing techniques can deliver average results, but creative, yet empathetic, "out of the box" strategies can produce wonders. They can help you stand our from the crowd of competitors, get notices by prospective customers, and win them over.


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The Essence of Competitive Differentiation

If you create a new market niche, you must set your brand and your customer value propositions apart from potential competition in the eyes of your prospects.

Competitive differentiation – the ways a business differentiates itself from its competition within a highly competitive market – can take many forms, though the focus of competitive differentiation is to determine what makes your offerings better, different, and/or more valuable than your competition. It is especially relevant for startups and other new entrants to a market or those reinventing a brand.

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Identify your competitors and determine what things make them unique. What do you offer that others don’t? To achieve competitive positioning define how you create value for your market relative to your competition, carve out a spot in the competitive landscape, and win mindshare in the marketplace by becoming famous for unique customer value.






Be a great venture marketer. Master the art of making presentations that inspire change and story telling. Partner with your customers, reconnect with them to create a shared future that is far better than either could have built alone.  >>>




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Example: Innompic Games icon logo Innompic Games

The slogan 'Play at home, shine globally' differentiates Innompic Games for innovators from other games. "Play at home" differentiates Internet-based Innompics from Olympic games, while "shine globally" differentiates Innompic games from other Internet games.  >>>

Example: Business e-Coacg by Vadim Kotelnikov Business e-Coach

The following two slogans differentiate Business e-Coach from its direct and indirect competitors in the eyes of target beneficiaries.

“We don’t teach, we inspire!” – differentiates from educational Internet resources. Inspiration for life and business is essential in today’s world driven by entrepreneurial creativity and innovation.

“Broader knowledge, better ideas!” – differentiates e-Coach from narrowly focused educational articles. Broader cross-functional knowledge helps to create winning innovative synergies in today’s era of systemic innovation.

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