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High-Risk-High-Return Extreme Leadership

Venture leadership is about leading in a rapidly changing, often hostile business environment.

This leadership style is especially relevant when you innovate proactively, launch a world-changing high-growth startup, lead a big change or radical innovation project. Leading such ventures is a war-style journey because they have a lot of diverse enemies.

Strategic Entrepreneurial Creativity

Entrepreneurial creativity is about coming up with ideas and converting them into innovative business activities and value... More


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Venture Leadership Tips




  Stay focused on your entrepreneurial vision and stretch goals progress means moving resources from low value to high-value uses. Ideate strategically. Cut costs, not value.

  Communicate the strategic direction to your teammates, enthuse and energize them relentlessly. Make strategic changes jointly with your teammates to reduce anxiety and inspire hope by stirring them to higher levels of achievement.

  Build and leverage your core competencies, distinctive capabilities and sustainable competitive advantage. Pursue high-value opportunities that build on your distinctive and differentiated competitive advantage. Say no low-value distractions.

  Move with great speed, but take time to think. Learn to make wise decisions quickly. Reassess past decisions frequently.

  Be a great venture marketer. Master the art of making presentations that inspire change and story telling. Partner with your customers, reconnect with them to create a shared future that is far better than either could have built alone.  >>>

  Prepare to win! Play an entrepreneurial simulation game, such Innovation Football, every time before engaging in a new big-change battle in order to succeed beyond expectation. Imagine that you achieved your vision and write your success story describing what challenges you faced on the way toward your stretch goal, and how you managed to win the battles and the war.


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