Having invented a new product, give your product an appealing name, create a product vision, a tagline slogan, and 3 headlines for mass media.




An effective advertising slogan would helps an innovation team to:

① communicate its unique value proposition in a quick, appealing and memorable way

stand out from the competition.

  Great Slogan - how to create, 7 features, WOW principle

Differentiating Slogans


Examples of Slogans

Innompic Games

Brand slogan: United innovators!

Vault yourself and the World!

Tagline slogan: Grow fast, thrive globally!

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We don't teach, we INSPIRE!  >>>

Business Guru

TEACH & ENRICH others & yourself!


Creativity, business and fun come together!


Exceed your dream results!  >>>


Instant enlightenment, lasting inspiration!


Smarter world, brighter life!  >>>






The ability to create a great slogan and headlines influences the team's
"Creative Marketing' and "Entrepreneurial Strategies' ranking









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