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Award Winners

Outstanding performers of all-win Innompic contests





Though everybody wins in Innompic Games, we celebrate outstanding performances as well and give awards to those who amazed us most.



Most Awarded Innompians



The best innovation teams and individual innovators are identified based on their participation in all Innompic contests. Big medals for overall performance and small medals for individual contests are awarded to the winners.

The World's smartest innovators, teams and team leaders are identified through a series of entrepreneurial creativity contests that include various blitz contests and the innopreneurial game "Innoball"

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The smartest innovation team is defined based on its overall rating that reflects the team capability to both invent and commercialize the invention, develop a winning business model, and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

The smartest innovators are defined based on their overall rating and subratings for inventiveness, creating advertising sloganscreative problem solving, turning problems to opportunities, anticipating opponents' moves, and activeness.

Assessment of Innovation Team, example, Innompic Games

Assessment of Entrepreneurial Smartness of an Innovator, example, Innompic Games


 The best team leaders are those
who are consistently able to select the best idea out of all ideas generated by the team members.





 Active spectators (Actators) are awarded special best-idea prizes.


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Message to the World  >>   Displayed during the Innompic Torch Web-Relay  ‖  100 Best for the Games  ‖  100 Best Ever

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 Judges  Valuenteers   

Best judges and volunteers will be identified based on their ability to
evaluate ideas submitted by the team members and spectators respectively.