Having arrived at a better product and business model during an Innoball  game,
create 3 headlines
that would report the new customer value in mass media:

Business media

General interest Social network

③ General interest TV channel

  Headline - how to create attractive headlines - MBF formula tips for bllogers, Innompic Games contests



Coaching by Example


Headlines of articles about Innompic Games


All-Win Contests for Difference Makers

Disruptive Love Games!

Greenhouse for Innobative GREATbodies




The importance of headlines can not be over emphasized because headlines is what your potential readers will first come in contact with.

Some headlines are a total failure in inducing people to start reading the body matter. Other headlines can work like magic in moving people to action and attracting a lot of readers.

  How To Create Great Headlines: examples, catchy words, attractive sentences







The ability to create a great slogan and headlines influences the team's
"Creative Marketing' and "Entrepreneurial Strategies' ranking