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Visionary, passionate and entrepreneurial venture leader who is also a proactive and disruptive innopreneur and a great venture marketer.

Strong, cross-functional and balanced management team that has necessary knowledge and skills and works cooperatively towards strategic business success >>>

Passionate, synergistic and committed venturepreneurial team of co-owners.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Durable sustainable competitive advantage that allows the maintenance and improvement of the enterprise's competitive position in the market and enables the business to survive against its competition over a long period of time.

Business Plan
A strong yet flexible business plan that provides clear direction and focus.

Business Design
Most effective business design and business model that require the least investment and produces the most sales, the best margins, the highest net profits and the lowest breakeven.

❼  Strategies
Innovative entrepreneurial strategies, strong brand attributes , effective revenue model and healthy cash flow.

❽  Venture Financing
Sound financing based on good understanding of what investors want and working towards meeting their investment criteria.

❾  Intellectual Teamwork
Well-organized intellectual teamwork powered by advanced ideation techniques and innovative thinking tools.

❿  Simulation Games
Entrepreneurial simulation games, such as
Innoball Innovation Brainball Innovation Football simulation game INNOBALL, that help venturepreneurs achieve far beyond aspirations.