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Innompic Training / Self-Training  for Disruptive Innopreneurs

Master of Entrepreneurial Strategies (MEnS)

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Entrepreneurial strategy is about making breakthrough choices among realistic options

to use your capabilities and resources to achieve your entrepreneurial vision.



Benefits for Startups

Benefits for Larger Firms

Grow up a baby gazelle ‒ fast!

Invent an implement winning entrepreneurial strategies

Turn a turtle to a gazelle

Turn a lifestyle company to an outstanding market leader



Learning SWOT Questions MEnS - Master of Entrepreneurial Strategies, Strategy Innovation, Innompic Training, Vadim Kotelnikov

Strategy Formulation

Entrepreneurial Vision

Strategic Intent

Surprise to Win

Proactive Competitive Innovation

3Bs of Strategic Creativity

Discovering Opportunities

Guiding Principles

Differentiation Strategies

Strategy Implementation

From Idea to Customer Success

Strategic Business Success

Pursuing Opportunities – Fast!

Dynamic Strategies

Rapid Experimentation


Strategic Flexibility

Winning Customers





 Testimonials from Innompic Trainees

Nurdiyanah Sulaiman at Innompic Training, Malaysia, University of Kuala Lumpur

This is a very different and a very effective training!
I'll tell my friends about it.

The training was absolutely wonderful. I never realized that I had the entrepreneurial mindset until I joined this training. It develops us with skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur such as critical thinking, inner and outer observation of each and everyone who either directly or indirectly involved with entrepreneur processes, with brilliant tools of thinking. And the most important part of this Innompic training is... about people and their mindset. People will always be the challenges for all entrepreneurs to deal with. People is the reason why an entrepreneur must have the correct and great marketing strategy. I really enjoyed this training and I'm looking forward for another session.

Thank you Dr. Vadim Kotelnikov, Mr. Othman Ismail, Ms. Diana Puchkova and as well as Mr. Foo for sharing your great experiences.

~ Nurdiyanah Sulaiman, Financial Advisor, Malaysia




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Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Those who stop learning,
stop creating history and become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder of Innompics


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