Rajendra Jagdale life advice quotes

I'll do my best to make sure that the grand vision of Innompics is well seeded in India and comes into reality globally.

Rajendra Jagdale


1st World Innompic Games 2017, India

1st World Innompic Games 2017 were organised in Pune, India, coordinated by STP Pune and ISBA, chaired by Dr. Rajendra Jagdale and hosted by Bhau Institute. India Innompic team was put up by ISBA.

World 2nd INNOMPIC GAMES 2018, UniKL, Malaysia

India KIET team, India NIT team, two Indian Jury members and the Founder of Innompic Games at 2nd World Innompic Games 2018 hosted by UniKL, Malaysia



Dr. Satendra Kumar, India, KIET, Innompic Games national Coordinator

Innovators are true human beings who not only empower economy of any country but also create harmony and peace.

Satendra Kumar



Manisha Acharya

Innovation promotion is a compulsion, not an option. We ignite young minds with entrepreneurship culture.

Manisha Acharya

Vivek Atre, Innompic Judge, India, 1st Innompic Games

Innompic Games stimulate innovative thinking and creativity, and
provide a platform for bright minds to showcase their talents.



Anshita Shukla Girlpreneur India

Creative activities have always fascinated me. My Entrepreneurial Dream is to help and benefit other people.

Anshita Shukla

Aniya More, India

One small positive thought can change your whole day.

Aniya More

Akhand Pratap Singh, India, KIET balloon man, drone man, great entrepreneur, startup, TBI

Innompic Games is and exuberant and awe-inspiring event. We are the Leaders of Hope at World Innompic Games.

Akhand Pratap Singh

Shivani Jha

It was indeed a privilege to be part of First ever Innompic Games held in India. The best part was the usage of probes symbolizing invention. I just loved the concept of INNOBALL. Kudos to the organisers!


Satyajit Mittal, India, Best Innovator Award Winner, Innompic Games

Innovators should solve a social problem as well as create a profitable business. Innompics that turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators nurture social entrepreneurship mindset.



Avipsa Basak, India, artist, creative engineer, Innompic Games

We have a difference to make.


Supravat Roy, India, creative entrepreneur

Everyone is a creator, and the best place to show their creativeness is the World Innompic Games.  Innompics is really a great place for Loving Creators.


Shabina Khatoon, India, startup acceleration expert

When it's your time to shine, be the brightest.

Shabina Khatoon

Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

Through Innomics, the participants get an exposure to network internationally, share their innovative ideas and find solutions to the problems in a non stressful, light environment.


Prisha Chitkara, beautiful Indian girl

Let's love and help all around us if we wish to see ourselves grow.




Innompic Ecosystem for disruptive innovation

Science & Technology Park, Pune

KIET Group of Institutions

Symbiosis University

Innompic Games OrgNet Organizational Network