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Turning People to Loving Creators and World Changers

Innompic Games are not just beyond politics, Innompis are above politics. Innovation is about Love, and Love is above everything.

Innompic Games help people become Loving Creators and boost passionate creation of innovative value for beloved consumers. Innompics inspire and help all people around the world to create a brighter future >>>



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Learning Benefits of Innompic Games Accelerated Learning by Innovators Permanent E-xposition Helping People Create a Brighter Future Helping People Become Loving Creators Best Accelerated Learning Platform for Innovators: INNOMPIC GAMESInnompic Games Learning Benefits - how to invent and commercialize invention


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Innompic Games: Creating and Delivering Value




 Innompic Games vs. Invention Contests


Invention contests are about mastering the letter "A" of innovation;

Innompic contests are about mastering the entire alphabet.

Invention contests are local;

 Innompic Games are global.

Invent a New Product Innoball Innompics Contests Innompics Differentiated Learning SWOT questions Inventive Thinking Innomoic Games: Benefits for All Examples Invent a New Great Product Innovation: from Idea to Customer Success 10 Commandments of Innovation Innompic Games vs. Invention Contests




 Innompics vs. Olympics


Olympic Games focus on showcasing physical capabilities.

Innompic Games focus on showcasing intellectual capabilities
aimed at creation of innovative value for others.

Olympic Games allow spectators to watch athletes perform.

Innompic Games help spectators become intellectual athletes
by learning from others and participating in various web-based contests.





 Innompic Games vs. Social Networks


Traditional social networks are primarily horizontal ‒ they help people socialize.

Innompic Games are primarily vertical ‒ they help people grow.








 Innompics Creation Show vs. Talk Shows


Innompic Games is not a talk show, it a creation show!

Creation is our divine mission, talk is a byproduct ‒
to be talked about, you must create something truly remarkable first.

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