1st Innompic Games, 17-18 September 2017, Pune, India, Indian logo

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Team of Pioneers


Michael Zelin


Judge Innovation Guru


Innovation Guru

"What I Loved Most about the 1st Innompic Games"

"What I loved most about 1st Innompic Games are: Creativity & Courage of Participants, Judges' Experience & Willingness to Share Knowledge, Free Spirit of Innovation & Friendship, Excellent Organization by the Organization Committee, and, more importantly, the system for testing and refining ideas that needs to be used for any big, especially, socially important projects, such as the Most Innovation City (MIC)."

Michael Zelin for Hindustan Times' 'City Enthralled by Innovation Clash'

“Everyone participating at the 1st Innompic Games is a visionary. As we usually test strength, here in Innompic Games, we are testing the strength of an idea. The idea of creating something is a first step which can lead to many breakthroughs.”  >>>

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Winner of the 'Best Judge' award


Michael's Feedback

What I Learned during the 1st Innompic Games

  • Do not be intimidated by stronger opponents: some new teams faced more established teams who had more time to prepare. Still, new teams demonstrated creativity and came up with great novel solutions.

  • Combining systematic thinking with creativeout-of-box thinking provides a strong background for developing novel solutions. Some teams came up with great marketing moves by using creative thinking: applying systematic analysis could help to develop robust solutions

  • Friendly constructive competitions like Innompics motivate people to unlock internal potential.

  • We come to this life wired for struggle for survival, but the best is to compete with yourself ‒ show the progress in self improvement.

 I hope to crowdsource improvements here