1st Innompic Games, 17-18 September 2017, Pune, India, Indian logo

The First Step

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Opened eyes, raised hopes,
innovation inspired worldwide!


In Innompic Games

all participants win!      


Rajendra Jagdale Vadim Kotelnikov Gamzatovs Rahul More Masha Kalyanova Ksenia Kotelnikova Othman Ismail Tenzin Vladimir Fesenko Organizers Organizers International Team Judges Malaysia Team India Team Russia Team All Participants of the 1st Innompic Games 2017, Pune, India, Bhau Institute







In Innompic Games,
all participants win!

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1st Innompic Games: Big wins for Russians, International stidents' team, Indian Express newspaper article



 1st Innompic Games, Hindustan Times newspaper article, Youth come together to help make a better worldVadim Kotelninkov, Founder, Innompic Games interview: 'The Games are an accelerated way of learning', Hindustan Tines, India1st Innompic Games, newspaper artcile, Hindustan Times, India



What the Participants Liked Most




Innompics Differentiated

Global Impact


Opened eyes, raised hopes, innovation inspired worldwide!









Rajendra Jagdale, Innompic Games

"It is for the people who have the vision to change the world for the better. Innovations have a huge potential to change day-to-day-life of human beings. Thus, to promote and encourage innovations all across the globe, we thought of Innompic Games just like the Olympic Games in sports. There are no losers in Innompic Games. Everyone wins because Innompic Games is a constructive competition. All participants build a better world together. If the solutions presented by the participating teams are feasible, then we may fund the solution in the range of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 20 crore."  >>>

Rajendra Jagdale

of the
Organizing Committee







"What I loved most about 1st Innompic Games are: Creativity & Courage of Participants, Judges' Experience & Willingness to Share Knowledge, Free Spirit of Innovation & Friendship, Excellent Organization by the Organization Committee, and, more importantly, the system for testing and refining ideas that needs to be used for any big, especially, socially important projects, such as the Most Innovation City (MIC)."


Innovation Guru




What Organizers Say


What Participants Say

"Innompic Games is an amazing part of my life journey. 1st Innompic Games was a great achievement for all of us, a hope to grow and to light up the best."

- Javeed Akbari, Afganistan


"It was thrilling to see so many people ignited by the vision of a brighter future starting to play together with each other, not against each other.
It was touching that global issues were raised telling us that we shouldn't forget to take care of our big home while taking innovative steps."

~ Ksenia Kotelnikova, Russia


"The Innompic Games has become my chance to understand myself better. Every participant have shown me that if you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it. It was an amazing chance to find out that even one person can make a difference in the world!"

~ Masha Kalyanova, Russia


 "Innompics 2017 was an immense opportunity to experience and learn the practical aspects of Entrepreneurship.
Additionally, it was a great insight on how to strategize and test a business plan with the help of Innoball simulation. Participating along with teams from Russia, Malaysia, India and the global jury was a good experience to know their working styles and presentation. The dinner plans at the end of the day were just the perfect icing on the top to interact with jury, organizers, participants and a lovely way to digest the day learnings.
Eagerly looking forward for Innompics 2018 in Malaysia."

~ Vinayak Sharma, Nepal


 "I am humbled and delighted for having received the Innovation World Award during the 1st Innompics. Innompics gave me an insightful experience of engaging on creative problem solving, working with a team composed of members from diverse culture, and engaging in constructive competition.
I take the award conferred on me not as a reward for my achievements but as motivation to work towards addressing challenges in my community and beyond. In doing so, I am sure that the friendship, mentorship, and network I developed during Innompics will be of enormous guidance and support." 

~ Tenzin Rabgay, Bhutan


"Whenever we hear or see about things like games or competition we get to the conclusion of physical challenges or tons of competitors, who wrecks our nerves. Yet the world’s 1st Innompics game is not only different but a unique concept which enables each participant to grow and bloom in its own space of pollens.
Being a person learning to blossom in this field of technicality I have stepped on to being more creative, intelligent, and zealous to be an innovative entrepreneur. It was an enormous joy for me to be a part of this INNOMPICS.
Thank you all for this great feeling of success and knowledge!"

~ Sonam Deki, Bhutan

"The First World Innompics Game was historical experience in my life. I perceive Innompic is about smartness competition and thinking solution along with future challenges simultaneously for optimizing options of our world for every one of us fairly. Innompic is unique competition for me; because creators compete to make change the World for anyone of us without considering private benefits and awards. In our life experience, we might familiar with a competition of defeating others and bagging awards; but Innompic is thinking beyond our own victory, business profit and the benefit of the group we support. This is the beginning of Innompic's journey to engage unlimited creators along with their sustainable solutions for leading our common planet. As the participant of 1st Innompic competition, everyone is invited for upcoming love based competition to contribute your outbox thinking for the better solution of the world. Let’s love and contribute to our Planet!"

~ Begna Dejene, Ethiopia

"It was a great event. I've just shared Innompics with the MNC I work with as a user experience designer and will be making a presentation about the Innompics and the Innoball process."

~ Satyajit Mittal, India


"Thank you so much for the Innompic Games! We learned how successful innovators think, how to adopt the right mindset and anticipate challenges. We experienced a lot in anticipated innovators mindset on how they think. We learned that challenges are always have in a successful journey and most important is how to create opportunities from challenges.

Innompic Games is also a great critical thinking and learning program. We saw other teams' perspective on innovation. Some of them came out ambitiously, and some started with a very little basic task. I was really amazed at the presentations made by the Russian team during the Games. I learned from the Indian International teams how to make an extraordinary creation show. They're really nailed it, and it's so fantastic! Thank you Dr. Vadim and all the Innovation Gurus for inspiring all of us to be more innovative holistically."

~ Nurdiyanah Sulaiman, Malaysia

"The organizer really did it very well and congratulations for the achievement and efforts. The Innompic Games gonna be a prestigious games one fine day."

- Qistina, Malaysia

"The most interesting thing about innompic games is the KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools that we have to use to explain our solution. These tools really help to give a clear view and adds some humor on the explanation."

- Farah, Malaysia

"Innompic games is the best because it creates 'win-win' situation. This will inspire and motivate others to contribute in these game. Innompic games also sparks the people to innovate and contribute to society."

- Maisarah, Malaysia

  Organized by the Global Innompic Organising Committee, Science and Technology Park, Pune,
Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks and Business Incubators Association (ISBA) and College Of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) at CoEP’s BHAU Institute of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Leadership