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City Enthralled by Innovation Clash

Innompics Games is an intellectual Olympics for change makers who are inspired to innovate and present their ideas to address issues faced globally or by their nations.

Jui Dharwadkar

Hindustan Times
 Sept 18, 2017




Young minds from various countries came together on Sunday to take up challenges and to deliver innovative solutions as the global Innompic Games kick started in Pune on Sunday.

Innompics Games is an intellectual Olympics for change makers who are inspired to innovate and present their ideas to address issues faced globally or by their nations. It is a platform where ideas are judged on the basis of how they can be implemented.

Present during the launch were Vadim Kotelnikov, founder and global coordinator of Innompic Games; Rajendra Jagdale, director general and CEO of Science and Technology Park (STP); Bahtiar Bin Kasbi, general manager, Teknoputra Division, University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Michael Zelin, automobile expert, USA and Mahesh Kumar, governing body member, Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks and Business Incubator Association (ISBA).

On the occasion, Vadim Kotelnikov said that the world is being driven by technology and innovation today and that India is a great place for social responsibility and startup incubation. “Therefore, it is apt to begin the Innompic Games for intellectuals and entrepreneurs here in India,” he added.  >>>

Sharing his views on the event, Rajendra Jagdale stated that Innompic Games is the first change maker event in the era of innovation. He mentioned that historical events must be started at historical places such as the College of Engineering Pune, which was an engineering institute that was started even before IIT's and IIM's. "Nearly 23 teams approached us for participating in the Innompic Games, but being a beta version, we began with just four teams for now. These teams are India, International, Russia and Malaysia. We are here to change the game of history," he said. Jagdale added that many young people participating at the event are trying to innovate to help tackle core problems such as diseases, terrorism, environmental issues and poverty. “These problems have roots in every nation and they can be eradicated only with the younger generation’s participation,” said Jagdale.

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Michael Zelin, who is also one of the judges said, “As we usually test strength, here in Innompic Games, we are testing the strength of an idea. The idea of creating something is a first step which can lead to many breakthroughs.” He further stated that according to him, everyone participating at the 1st Innompic Games is a visionary.

On the occasion, Bahtiar Bin Kasbi said that even the Asian games were held for the first time in India and today, Innompic Games is being launched from India, which is a very good sign.  >>>

Innompic games will go on till Monday after which, awards will be given to the Most Brilliant Ideas, Miss Innovation World, Mister Innovation World, Best Valuenteer and Wittiest Innovator among others.



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