Best Jury & Innovation Guru
award winner at 1st World Innompic Games 2017

Founder & President
Innompics USA Inc.

Award-winning solo contestant and team leader at the World Innompic Games 2020 and 2021

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Message to the World


Creativity is a reward!



Mike Zelin

The goal of Science is to understand the Beauty of the Truth. The goal of Art is to understand the True Beauty.





USA Coordinator of the 1st Innompic Games, Innovation Guru, Judge


The goal of science is to understand the beauty of Thrth. The goal of Art is to understand the true Beauty. Michael Zelin





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About Innompic Games

"Thank you for this incredible opportunity! I am very excited to join the team of creative entrepreneurial gurus... I am proud to be the first US judge! I'll send you more links to examples of how we can leverage resources for Innompics, particularly great collection of materials developed by Vadim Kotelnikov. His vision and readiness to try something new is a good example for many of us! I know some "Innovation gurus" who talk about open mindedness, but will not try anything new. I am looking forward to working together to make the 1st Innompic Games a success!"

"I believe that this is a historic event:
we need to do what we can to preserve it for the history and Digital Archaeology."


Michael Zelin is the Winner of the 'Best Judge' award at the 1st Innompic Games


As a teacher at Keiser University, I see the benefits of innovative approaches to teaching Innovation, particularly, through games & contest. Any student or faculty, present or past, can join the Strayer Innompic Team. You do not have to have a super high GPA: just a desire to learn & share your knowledge of Innovation! Just create your posts: compete with yourself! Viewers' rating and a professional jury will help you to see your progress with time. You do not have to proof anything to anybody! Just enjoy your Game of Thoughts & Ideas and find your pass to better YourSelf!

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Sponsoring Awards of the 1st Innompic Games

"I can personally sponsor at least a free stay in "Florida Paradise", right on the Gulf, ‒ for up to 7 days for 3 people. It could be offered as a special reward to the team which gets the highest popular rating (by the viewers & fans). Of course, any members of the Organization Committee is welcome!"







Dr. Michael Zelin 
Hernando Beach, FL 34607
330 280-7749


President, Innompics USA Inc.

3841 POBox, Spring Hill, FL 34611

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Michael translated his favorite Russian songs to English. Listen the song 'Cranes' performed by a Michael's student.  >>>