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Vivek Atre, Innompic Judge, India, 1st Innompic Games

Humanity is the true religion.



Jenny Zhou, USA Chinese

Thanks to Innompic Games, the global creative energy unites, and its synergy makes the world a better place.


Rajendra Jagdale

I live by Humanity, Peace, Love. I feel happy and I do my best to make others feel happy.


Dhiya Amira Shafiqah, KPMSI, Malaysia

Let your individual notes harmonize with others, and together, we shall compose a masterpiece called humanity.

Dhiya Amira Shafiqah



Sonam Wangmo, Bhutan, award winning writer

My dream social system is of a type where humanity hugs all the actions and miserable souls.

Sonam Wangmo

Bhutan innovation entreoreneurship Innompic Games

Anushka Shrestha, MBA, SAIM Nepal

I want to help those in need especially in sectors like women empowerment and development.

Anushka Shrestha

Ginga Emile Ande, Cameroon

We are to add value to humanity and bring contribution to civilization.

Ginga Emile Ande


Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

I'm proud to be associated with World Innompic Games and contributing in its aim to prepare loving creators and spread love and peace among humans across the world.


Tenzin Rabgay, Bhutan, Mister Innovation World, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India

Innompic Games is indeed the human centric Olympics that nurture altruistic leaders and innovators.



Carolin Ballweg advice

Innompic Games bring people together, understand cultures,  understand each other, and learn from each other.


Кирилл Иванов Украина Kyrill Ivanove Ukraine

A worthy person serves humanity.

Kyrill Ivanov


Mandy Murebwa Zimbabwe team World Innompic Games 2020

With Innompic Games, innovators converge, play and win while united in peace, love and harmony!

Mandy Murebwa




JD Meier innovation guru USA

People grow faster and better in their strengths, and itís that strength focus that creates an unmatched version of excellence that is the hallmark of humanity at its best.

JD Meier