Jenny Zhou, USA Chinese

Thanks to Innompic Games, the global creative energy unites, and its synergy makes the world a better place.




I am so glad to become an Innossador for Innompics in China and USA!! I can foresee the global creative energy are Uniting into ONENESS ... the goal of creating a global Virtual Venture Valley, which set up by Vadim in a decade ago, are fulfilling ... cheers !!! The synergy of all the good energy will make the world a better place ... :)





Formal Announcement of Innompic Games


Jenny Zhou
in the very first
90-second video introduction to Innompic Games



Jenny on Family Teams in Innompic Games

Cool inspiration! I feel that’s a good area to provide value for creator minded family leader to educate their younger generation to become a new leader in their community.



Financial Strategist and Philanthropy Advisor

Based in San Francisco, California, Jenny is a financial advisor on family wealth. She focuses on Family Legacy Planning through impact investing.

Jenny is the co-founder of NextCode Wealth Advisory Group.

She is also a CAP (Chartered Adviser on Philanthropy) with strong intention to helps her clients to maximize the performance of their financial capital and social capital in order to reach their financial goal and social impact goal, she has been focusing on to develop her advisory practice on integrating Strategic Philanthropy Planning with Investment Management Planning.

Jenny has a very diverse background and a good deal of multi-cultural business experience. Before she made career change into financial service industry, She had worked in high-tech industry in Silicon Valley companies such as Sun Microsystems and Cirrus Logic.

In 2000, Jenny relocated to China and played key roles in the launch of two high tech start-ups. She was a co-founder of both Vision Next Technology, Inc and Noya Information Technology, Inc. She played a significant role in both ventures by managing functions including investor relation and marketing.

In 2004, she started her own investment consulting firm ‘Sino Venture Partners” in China, providing consulting and field support services to assist American high-tech companies entering china market. During the next 2 years, she successfully contributed to the business development of such company as LGC Wireless in the areas of channel development and strategic partnership management inside China. In addition, she often provided consulting services to several venture capital firms who were just beginning their plans of direct investment in the Chinese market. By tapping into her unique “China insights” from such extensive on the ground experience and networking, she was able to bring significant value to her clients.