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Innompics for Sustainable Development


Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

World peace, harmony and wellbeing come naturally when every individual loves the whole world and all living creatures.

  Vadim Kotelnikov




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Big Noble Mission

We are on a daring journey of turning the Earth to a peaceful Planet of Loving Creators.




Innompic Ecosystem for disruptive innovation

Innompics is a harmonious mega-innovation. Global Innompic Ecosystem nurtures sustainable development. Innompic Games are its peak events that are to engage 1 Billion people by 2025.

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Innompics is an official partner of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG)

UN SDG United Nations Sustainable Development Goals




Innompic Games leverage diversity. IG are culture- and gender-friendly. People of all ages and professions can participate. Active spectators (actators) are also offered numerous opportunities to showcase their talents.




Social Entrepreneurship

Innompic Games promote social entrepreneurship and help social entrepreneurs succeed by developing innovative models for entrepreneurial success and running both global and local social entrepreneurship contests.






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Rajendra Jagdale

Innompic Games is a constructive competition.
All participants build a better world together.


Mirjam Gawellek, Germany, Sustainability Expert

Sustainability have to be understood by the general population, and sustainable business have to become global.

Mirjam Gawellek

Ginga Emile Ande, Cameroon

We are placed in time, to discover our gift, define it, develop it and deploy it to add value to humanity and bring contribution to civilization.

Ginga Emile Ande


Laxmi Bhatta, Nepal, KUSOM team, Innompic Games

Today world is suffering from many problems but each problem has multiple opportunities hidden in them. World needs empathy, innovation and collaboration. Innompics promote these.


Satyajit Mittal, India, Best Innovator Award Winner, Innompic Games

Innovators should solve a social problem as well as create a profitable business. Innompics that turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators nurture social entrepreneurship mindset.



Carolin Ballweg advice

Innompic Games bring people together, understand cultures,  understand each other, and learn from each other.


Emmanuel Ndonga, Kenya

It is evident the World Innompic Games among other programs will be the leading reason for the success of entrepreneurial Innovations that are geometrically rising within developing nations and beyond.

Emmanuel Ndonga

Kenya flag Innompic Games

Dieu-My Le

It is a very special competition that truly focuses on noble goals of innovation and addresses global challenges and concerns.



Costas Konis, Cyprus

Developing and exploiting the intellectual capital of our planet for the benefit of people, businesses and society should be major world priority. Innompics can play a key role in this direction.


Cyprus Innompic Games

Jenny Zhou, USA Chinese

Thanks to Innompic Games, the global creative energy unites, and its synergy makes the world a better place.


Begna Dejene, Ethiopia

Innompic Games is an amazing love-based competition that inspires outside-the-box thinking to create solutions for a better World. Let's love and contribute to our planet!



Ksenia Kotelnikova, eye, Ксюша Котельникова, хитрый глаз

It is thrilling, touching and moving to address global issues innovatively in a friendly and joyful Innompic environment!

Ksenia Kotelnikova

Vinayak Sharma, Nepal, 1st Innompics Games 2017, International Team, Symbiosis

Innompics is helping to bring people together to create and share their vision for a sustainable future, a future full of love, peace and innovation.


Marziya Aghayeva, Azerbaijan, AzTU, Марзия Агаева, Азербайджанб АзТУ, Азербайджанский технический университет

Saving the world starts with you.

Marziya Aghayeva

Martti Vallila Innompic Games 2018 Jury

The spirit of collaboration, enthusiasm and love the Innompic Games nurtures deserves to be spread to all corners of the world.


Avishree Nepal, Innompic Games 2020, First Impression video

We should love everyone to make the Earth more lively.

Avishree Nepal

Денис Котельников Инномпийские игры Dennis Kotelnikov Innompic Games

I love the creative and artful, and joyful atmosphere of mutual learning, friendship, and cross-cultural unity of the Innompic Planet of Loving Creators.

Dennis Kotelnikov

Sonam Wangmo, Bhutan, award winning writer

My type of a social system would be like a free garden that makes people feel at home anywhere they live. A place which provides equality and understands differences.

Sonam Wangmo

Bhutan innovation entreoreneurship Innompic Games

Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe

The prerequisite to peace is love, and Innompics has poised itself for that grand challenge: A Planet of Loving Creators, this is the ultimate game changer for the much needed world peace.

Peter Chikumba


Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

World Innompic Games prepare loving creators and spread love & peace among humans across the world along with empowering the participants with motivation to innovate.


Mike Zelin

Friendly constructive competitions like Innompic Games motivate people to unlock internal potential. The best is to compete with yourself ‒ show the progress in self improvement.


Masha Kalyanova

Innompic Games is an amazing chance to find out that even one person can make a difference in the world!







Avipsa Basak, India, artist, creative engineer, Innompic Games

Let's create a sustainable Earth for loving creators.




Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Give innovative entrepreneurs a venture capital fund, and you will feed some of them for a while. Give innovative entrepreneurs Innompic Games, and you will feed all of them for centuries ahead.

  Vadim Kotelnikov



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