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Founder, CEO and Co-founder of several technology startups

Author of numerous "Bannana books"

Martti Vallila




Martti about
the Greatest Value of Innompic Games

“The Innompic Games bring together like-minded persons in an environment that encourages and facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas in the spirit of love.”

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Martti about Innompic Games 2018


You deserve great credit for bringing together a group of people that provided great memories to one-another in unforgettable SPIRIT of collaboration.

Many seeds have been planted. Now we must harvest them!


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Martti says...

“Having lived a highly satisfying life, thanks to an upbringing that included a strong, confidence-giving mother, an excellent formal education at Stanford and the University of Chicago, and years in the “school of hard knocks” that included 15 years in the international operations of IBM followed by 25 years of entrepreneurial activity in an emerging Russia, I have things of value to contribute to the Innompic Games community. Many of the things I have learned in my life’s journey are described in the “Bannana books” I continue to write in an effort to share experiences others will hopefully find helpful in navigating their paths through life. Live without fear and you will find your destiny. The spirit of collaboration, enthusiasm and love the Innompic Games nurtures deserves to be spread to all corners of the world by technologies that make it possible. The future belongs to those who understand their comparative advantages and dare to follow their dreams.”


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Martti's most famous book

"Bannana in Russia:
Commercializing Transformational Technologies

The book contains many useful lessons about what should be considered in PROTECTING inventions in order to attract INVESTMENT.


About "Bannana in Russia"


“Bannana in Russia” is both a personal story of a quest to “make a difference” by seeking a personal destiny by identifying “comparative advantage”, and a business book, describing and illustrating (with examples) a business model for the commercialization of potentially transformational technologies. A key business topic addressed is the need to properly protect intellectual property with international patents.

The setting for my story is a young Russia, emerging in the early 90’s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It can thus also be considered a travel book of historical interest. And written to attract attention to a technology I found in Moscow with the potential to change the world: the world’s first effective treatment and potential PREVENTION of Alzheimer’s and other age-related neurological ailments!


One of the chapters (16) describes Vadim Kotelnikov’s Virtual Venture Valley conference in Ulyanovsk, Russia, in 2010, a preview of ideas and concepts that became the Innompic Games.

The book is difficult to categorize. What I can say is that it is a true story of a life lived without fear that hopefully contains relevant lessons for Innompic Games participants, learned in “the school of hard knocks”.

Martti Vallila book Banana in Russia chapter about Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games, Virtual Venture Valley

If you find it interesting, and worth reading, you are invited to pass it on to friends so it gains the viral visibility on the world-wide web I believe it deserves...


Martti's Gift to ALL Participants of Innompic Games 2018


Download your free copy of the Martti's "Bannana in Russia" book here




More Martti Vallila insightful Bannana books on
innovation-driven entrepreneurship


Innovation Emerges out of Necessity

Finally, Financial Fortune



Martti Vallila message to the World the power of the pen Innompic Games 2018 jury

My “Bannana books” tell true stories that deserve to be widely known by persons interested in changing the world for the better.

Send me a note explaining why you are interested and how you plan to share them with others and I will send you an electronic copy of the book you express interest in!



Investment Opportunity from Martti Vallila


Alzheimer Disease Treatment Technology



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