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My Dream Job

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Software Engineer

D: Design
R: Reach
E: Envision
A: Ambition
M: Marvelous

J: Journey

O: of

B: Beginners

What is a Dream Job?

The full form that has been depicted above by me provides a clear vision.

Dream Job best essay award certificate Supravat Roy, India, World Innompic Games 2021  

If we break the phrase, we will get two words, we get “Dream” which can be our fantasy as well as our ambition and the other is “Job” which means working with professionalism as well as with our passion. So, dream job is a place which provides a self satisfaction to the world and ourselves.

Every individual person is having their own prospective and have some different dream jobs. So, like everyone I too have a dream work to do. When I was a kid, I dreamed to became a scientist. But when I became matured, my passion grown towards Technology (hardware and software). Whenever, I find any work which is related to my passion is my ‘Dream job’. Now, I do not think about getting a good salary or working in a big company with multiple facility etc. I only focus and concentrate where I can get work which I like to do as it increases my hardworking power and also, I can grow my passion for working.

From my point of view if you like something start working on that one day you will surely land to your dream job. The road may be full of stones, pebbles and potholes and it may also take a few years to reach but surely you will get your dream job.

Firstly, for reaching my dream job I started with per time job when I was undergraduate. I used to work as a computer repair technician. After completing my graduation, I started working in a company as an HR though it’s not my dream job but to run my family and to stabilize the financial condition I need to work. But parallelly I started working on my passion towards computer hardware & software. After 2 years of waiting, I got my dream job as a Software Engineer. Now I am not only working for my organization but also working for myself to grow my passion towards technology development.

Finally, I am concluding by highlighting the word “ We all have a difference to make – we just need to focus in our Dream & Passion ”.

“If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion, not a pay check.” ~ Jen Welter

~ Supravat Roy





Supravat Roi as a members of India NIT team participated in 2nd World Innompic Games 2018 held in Malaysia

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Supravat Roy, India, creative entrepreneur

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