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Making Innompic Games Stronger

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 Innoball helps strengthen a breakthrough venture sharply


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Creating a Civilizatonal Breakthrough

Making 1st Innompic Games a Huge Success (vom1)

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Innoball helps strengthen itself: Improving the Innoball Process

Creating a Popular Global Show

Engaging Internet Spectators Globally

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Growth and Expansion Strategies


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on a leash

Innompic Games fail to connect with diverse global audience because the founders are too attached to their own perceptions, ideas and  preferred partners.




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Taking a global view

A global network of Goodwill Ambassadors (Innossadors) is established to obtain diverse feedback and connect Innompic Games with a larger audience.


Examples  >>  Innoball & 10 KITT  >>  Making Innompic Games a Popular Show  >>  More

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Too low air pressure

Innompics are supposed to be an all-engaging global show, yet too many people are not moved by the ideas and inventions played with.




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Creating a better bait

The final contest is added: For a given pressing global problem, find creative solutions and opportunities.  >>>


Examples  >>  Innoball & 10 KITT  >>  Innoball helps strengthen itself: Improving the Innoball Process

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Temptation to conquer the opponent

It's too easy for an innovation team to make an imaginary project hugely successful  as well as for their enemy to kill the project my making unrealistic moves.




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Communicating the objectives

The organizers will explain the teams that  the objective of both innovators and their enemies is not to kill each other, but to demonstrate  their entrepreneurial creativity skills. The opposing teams should adopt the Win-Win Mindset ‒ they should stretch, not kill each other. The better they do so, the higher marks they get.


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Too little light

Moves are described too broadly which makes the opponent's responses too presuming.




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Asking the right questions

Having received the description of an opponent's move, a team may ask up to three clarifying questions. The ability to ask and answer clarifying questions is a part of the "Entrepreneurial Strategies" assessments.