Why new products fail, enemies of innovation




Customer Value

Inadequate understanding of customer needs and wants; market size and customer buying patterns are not adequately researched. Inadequate understanding of competition. Inadequate prototype testing, product performance testing and market testing.

Technology and Process

Invention, not customers and their needs, come first; research capabilities are used to come up with unique products, instead of creating unique customer value. Lack of a well defined cross-functional new product strategy; insufficient involvement of critical departments during the development and launch of the product. Lack of institutionalized innovation process and effective monitoring and measurement criteria.

Organization and People

Lack of energized and energizing innovation leaders; concerns about management's real commitment to new products. Poor employee motivation; unclear career path for new product personnel; insufficient inspiration and incentives to encourage risk taking; unclear assignment of ultimate new product responsibility. Cross-functional teams are weak or insufficiently empowered.

Marketing and Selling

Build-it-and-they-will-come attitude. Product differentiation is weak. The product launch is not supported by adequate marketing initiatives, advertising and resources.  >>>

To Know Your Enemy, Become Your Enemy

If you were the Resistance To Change, what barriers would you erect inside and around your project?

What your target customers may dislike or be suspicious of?

How could your multi-faced and multi-faceted competitors try to kill your innovation?  >>>




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