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3 Essentials of Lasting Peace

Love    Right Flow of Yin-Yang Energies    Strategic Achievement

Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

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How To Establish Lasting Peace - 3 Essentials: Love, Yin-Yan Energies, Wise Strategies  

Synergy of Three Essentials

Each component of a lasting peace − all-inclusive love, right flow of Yin-Yang energies, and wise strategising and implementation − is important, yet it's their synergy that produces the desired result.




World intelligence (WQ) and ability to stay in harmony with Universal laws are essential for creating lasting peace.






All-Inclusive Love




All-Inclusive Love lived by any person is the most welcomed peace ambassador. World peace, harmony and wellbeing come naturally when every individual loves the world and all people and loves to create wonderful value for them.

  All-inclusive Love as Peace ambassador


Love the World quotes Vadim Kotelnikov Key to Lasting Peace  

All-inclusive Love is the most effective peace engine.

Love is above everything.

People forgive everybody and live in peace when they understand what true love is.





Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Don't think of the Earth as a huge planet you must survive on, think of the Earth as a small planet you must take care of.

Vadim Kotelnikov



United Nationals

Innompic Planet of Loving Creators united innovators − is the World's #1 peace platform that unites innovators globally and promotes cross-cultural unity and creative collaboration.

We are above politics.

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All-inclusive love lived by Innompians and creative collaborative activities make peace a natural way of life.






In the state of peace, good fortune, and success (I-Ching, Hexagram 11), Yin, the Receptive, which moves downward, stands above; Yang, the Creative, which moves upward, is below. Hence their influences meet and are in harmony, so that all living things bloom and prosper. This is the state of peace, good fortune, and success.


Yin and Yang represent two fundamental forces that create and harmonize the Universe by their interaction.

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Planet of Loving Creators

Purpose (Yin)

The vision of Innompic Games is to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

Passion (Yang)

Passionate about making the noble Innompic vision a reality, leaders help all Innompians grow as loving creators.

  Innompic Planet of Loving CReators Dare to love, pursue your dream, make a difference 1st Innompic Games participants





Yin-Yang of Strategic Creativity

3Bs (Brainstilling Brainstorming Brainstilling) method of strategic creativity helps design the lasting peace scenario and initial implementation strategies.


Strategic Creativity for Peace - Yin-Yang Balance Brainstorming Brainstilling by Vadim Kotelnikov



(Innovation Brainball)
strategic simulation game helps prepare to conquer enemies of peace anticipate attacks of conflict seekers and address them effectively.

  How Yo Build Lasting Peace - INNOBALL simulation game



List all major supporters and enemies of peace you'll have to deal with, but keep in mind that new supporters and enemies will emerge as you go.

  How Build Peace Wisely -  INNOBALL simulation game Vadim Kotelnikov






The Innompic Peace Prize
is a true peace prize.

We are determined to establish it as the World's #1 peace award.

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