I love to use metaphors – they help generate and communicate ideas, concepts, and insights easier and faster.

An entrepreneur is a gardener who plants a business-idea seed and grows it into a fruit tree.

  Vadim Kotelnikov metaphorical quotes An entrepreneur is a gardener who plants a business-idea seed and grows it into a fruit tree.


The Tree of Entrepreneurial Success Startup Vadim Kotelnikov The Tree Model of Entrepreneurial Success Innovation is Love Business Design Shared Values Vision Entrepreneurial Creativity Entrepreneurial Skills Simulation Games Brand Appeal Differentiation Marketing Entrepreneurial Strategies Networking Feedback Products Selling Investment Processes Experiments The Tree of Entrepreneurial Success, Metaphoric Model of a Successful Startup  

Entrepreneurial Success
A-to-Z / 360

From Roots to Fruits 

Super-successful entrepreneurs are super-passionate about their work and their customers.





Great business grows out of entrepreneurial passion towards an inspiring entrepreneurial vision.







An inspiring and enduring entrepreneurial vision motivates the entrepreneurial team and guides people through the challenges they face on their venturepreneurial journey.


Product Vision

From Idea to Customer Success




Passion for work and customers turns team members to relentless value innovators.


Innovation is Love





Shared values and guiding principles help the entrepreneurial team focus on the most important things.


Shared Values of IG

Weighted Guiding Principles of IG




Harmonious business design serves as a greenhouse for generation and implementation of entrepreneurial ideas in a highly effective way.


Business Design of IG

Business Tree








The upward virtuous spiral of a startup and its business model evolves intellectually first driven by entrepreneurial creativity, entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurial strategies, and entrepreneurial simulation games, like INNOBALL.

The intellectual phase turns to real-life growth when field experiments with entrepreneurial ideas, concepts and strategies start.

Beta-tests followed by learning SWOT questions help to obtain market feedback, analyze it and strengthen the business model accordingly.






To survive in the long run, the initial mono-product model must diversify into related areas symbolized by the branches of the tree. New entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities keep emerging as a startup evolves. The key is to pursue the most rewarding ideas and opportunities that lead to the highest yield, the most valuable fruits, and lasting business relationships.



Be a proactive radical innovator.

Keep stretching yourself and your business.


Harmonious innovation is a holistic development process that puts the well-being of people, organisations and our planet at the centre of creative strategies and efforts aimed at inventing and building of a better and sustainable future.


Attitude of a Loving Creator

The attitude of a loving creator makes harmonious innovation both natural and relentless activity.

Planet of Loving Creators

World peace, harmony and well-being come naturally when every individual loves the whole world and all leaving creatures.

 Virtuous Spiral of Harmonious Innovation
Each circle of the virtual spiral consists of 3 phases
1. Strategic Creativity: 3Bs Process
2. INNOBALL Simulation Game
3. Entrepreneurial Action followed by Learning SWOT questions

Holistic Creativity and Innovation




Leading by Example: Innompic Games help loving creators grow and create breakthroughs

Innompic Games lead by example and model the way while helping people to grow as loving creators, disruptive innopreneurs and trend setters, and to create radical and harmonious mega-innovations.



Innompic Ratings of individuals, organisations, countries as world-changing harmonious innovators and loving creators

Innompic Ratings of  individuals, organisations and countries as innopreneurial loving creators and World-changing harmonious innovators.






INNOBALL innovation brainball simulation game






Innompirsity Innompic Innovation University







love- and consciousness-driven  continuous, dynamic    well-being of humankind,



Harmonise main World Games: body and mind.
Olympic Games help discover sports-related capabilities of human beings.
Innompic Games help discover and stretch capabilities of human beings for creation and innovation.
PLC. The divine mission of every human being is love and creation.
Teach harmonious innovation  




"In this paper, we define innovation as new ideas that are actually applied in ... a peaceful, harmonious future"

"In an age where harmonious innovation is becoming more celebrated, sustainable designs to preserve the Earth and contribute to well-being are being implemented at a rapid rate."
"Harmonious innovation culture is the immaterial assets of campus, and the university student can keep on one of the important factors of development. "
result in a harmonious innovation process
harmonious innovation environment
important conditions for a harmonious innovation process
"to develop the theory of decentralized systems to enable a harmonious innovation environment, especially a loosely coupled ecosystem."

"Today, we live in a dynamic and turbulent global community. The wave of mega-trends, including rapid change in globalization and technological advances, is creating new market forces. For any organization to survive and prosper in such an environment, innovation is imperative. However, innovation is no longer just for creating value to benefit individuals, organizations, or societies. The ultimate purpose of innovation should be much more far reaching, helping create a smart future where people can enjoy the best quality of life possible. Thus, innovation must search for intelligent solutions to tackle major social ills, seek more proactive approaches to predict the uncertain future, and pursue strategies to remove barriers to the smart future. This study explores the detailed requirements of a smart future, including both hardware types and soft social/cultural components."
"To survive and improve the quality of life, continuous innovation efforts have been imperative. All major revolutionary waves of human history – agricultural, industrial, information, and now convergence – are all about innovation for creating new and better value."
"The purpose of innovation is much more profound than just creating greater customer value, better competitive advantage of firms, and an environment for better quality of life. The ultimate goal of innovation should be the creation of a better future. The “small i” for innovation is for an individual, organization, society, or country. However, the “Large I” should be innovation for creating a smart future.

The benefits of innovation may accrue to individuals, groups of people, communities, industries, societies, nations, regions, and the world. What is common to all these entities is that they all pursue innovation for better preparation of the future (Canton, 2015, Drucker, 1985). However, innovation should not be for passively being future smart by preparing to meet the uncertain future by being predictive, adaptive, and agile. Instead, innovation should be for more aggressively active in creating a smart future that provides more opportunities for a better quality of life.

The term “smart” has been used widely nowadays, for example, smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, smart infrastructure, smart cities, smart countries, and the like. The term “smart” represents the concept of hope and aspiration that depends on a person's perspective. The smart state depends on the given condition, environment, culture, and the person's value system. Nevertheless, the general concept of a smart future should mean a living environment which is much better than the current state of affairs.

The smart future should be where innovation would help develop intelligent solutions to complex problems to secure a humane environment (Streitz, 2015). In such a smart future, people can more freely pursue opportunities to learn and grow, be engaged in good relationships, be happy with the community and work place, and also have a comfortable and healthy life style with adequate financial resources (Gallup-Healthways, 2015). Creating such a smart future requires much more than just smart gadgets, advanced technologies, convergence strategies, and government support. It requires a fabric of soft innovations that can nurture an aspirational future such as social justice, rule of law, transparency, accountability, cohesive collective wisdom of people, and shared visions and goals (Kramer and Pfitzer, 2016, Porter and Kramer, 2011).

In this paper, we will explore the definition of a smart future, requirements for creating an environment for the well-being of people, application of fast advancing science and technologies, and creative convergence strategies that support aspirational innovation efforts, ideas that can disrupt the barriers to a smart future, and the soft social requirements that are fundamental for developing shared visions for a smart future. This paper is organized as follows. In “Innovation for value creation” section, we discuss the purpose, classification, and organizational purpose of innovation. “Innovation life cycle” section presents innovation life cycle from idea generation to harvesting on the S-curve. The concept of a smart future is articulated in “What is smart future?” section, while the requirements for creating a smart future is presented in “Requirements of a smart future” section. “Innovations that disrupt barriers to the smart future” section discusses innovations that can disrupt barriers to a smart future. “Conclusion” section concludes the paper by proposing the soft social requirements for s smart future."

Innovation harmony is about coordinating the key levers of innovation to improve growth and business performance. ... Achieving innovation harmony requires a firm-level commitment and a specific plan of action.




Holistic creativity (HC) is a comprehensive approach to addressing a complex challenge and coming out with an integrated creative solution.




Holistic innovation (HI) is a visionary big-picture systems approach to inventing, synergizing, designing, harmonizing, producing and delivering complex innovative value.



Innovation paradigm shift: from linear to cross-functional systemic innovation.

Cross-functionally innovator innovator MBS

Cross-functional innovation teams


Anticipation ***WHAT***

---Target Output---
6Ws are assembled and synergized
5 Basic Elements are harmonised
The Wheel is balanced
*** Where***
Life Design
Business Design
Synergistic Innovation 360
Creative solving of complex problems
Yin and Yang: Outside-In and Inside-Out
Subconscious; Intuition; Listen to the Universe
5 Basic Elements;
6Ws of IG & Spoken Innovation
Innovation A-to-Z/360
The Art of Innovation
Creation Show
sMusical-Inn 'SR&J'
The Tree of Strategies; Business Case; Business Design; Business Model;
***Quote from holisticcreativity.com***
Holistic Creativity is a new, comprehensive approach to Creativity. It’s a complete system that provides a transformational path to inspired productivity and creative fulfillment. The system synthesizes what you already know with Design Thinking, cutting-edge Psychology & Neuroscience, and ancient techniques for Mindfulness & self-awareness.
Holistic Creativity can support you whether you are analyzing a creative challenge, diagnosing a troublesome block, creating original ideas or content, developing an approach, refining a technique, producing and distributing finished creative work, or harnessing Creativity to advance your initiatives.





Nurdyanah Sulaiman Malaysia team 1st Innompic Games India

We learned how successful innovators think, how to adopt the right mindset and anticipate challenges. Most importantly, we learned how to create opportunities from challenges.

Nurdyanah Sulaiman







10 KITT helps disruptive innovators invent stronger entrepreneurial strategies and business models as well as strengthen the team.

Both innovators and their enemies are armed with 10 KITT.
Each metaphoric tool performs 4 metaphoric actions.

SPIN - spiral integraton of ideas Innoball Training Balloon Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Creative Problem Solving Inventive Thinking Synergy Innovation Entrepreneurial Creativity Enemies Entrepreneurial Strategies Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools


Innovative Thinking  ●  Systematic Approach to Innovation  ●  Synergy Innovation

Inventive Thinking  ●  SPIN ‒ spiral integration of ideas  ●  Synergize Diversities

Here is an example of how the 1st function 'Elevate' of the Balloon can be used by innovators and their opponents to invent a strategic move.

KoRe 10 Tools help anticipate opponents' move.
Judges assess strategic moves and anticipation skills of the players.

10 KITT: Baloon - innovators and enemies of innovation

Innovation Football, Innoball, Entrepreneuriial Game, anticipation skills, how to assess innovation team