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Look at Every Challenge from Different Angles

  Vadim Kotelnikov

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If you see a situation from one angle only, you see very little of it.

Besides, while you may see a situation from one angle,
others will see it from another


Perceptual positions will help you gain new understanding and make new discoveries through seeing things from different points of view.

By looking at an elephant from various angles and integrating different perceptions a blind man will be able to "see" the entire elephant

Perceptual Positions: Look as every situation from Different Angles, Denis Kotelnbikov

Holistic View of Elephant parable, benefits of taking different views




To solve a problem, make use of all your five senses. Apply your senses to a problem and see what comes up. You may be amazed!

'It Feels Like..." exercise helps team members gain
a more holistic view of the challenge to be addressed

Ksenia Kotelnikova It feels like... Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Vadim Kotelnikov 4 TYpes of Problem Multisensory Immersion

1st Innompic Games Strategic Business Success It feels like... Innompic Games Development Story 1st Innompic Games - disruptive startup: it feels like... 4 perceptions


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