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"The challenge feels like..."

Vadim Kotelnikov Innompic Games

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1st Innompic Games - disruptive startup: it feels like... 4 perceptions





Communication Tool

When a team is facing a complex problem or or a great challenge, the 'It Feels Like..." exercise

→ helps team members understand each other's perceptions better, gain a more holistic view of the challenge to be addressed and thus facilitate intellectual teamwork and team creativity >>>

→ during creation shows, like Innompic Games, the diverse perceptions of the team members help an audience to obtain a deeper insight in the challenge faced by a team >>>

Multisensory Immersion

Sensory inputs can bring up memories, provide new insights into an old problem, and spark new ideas. You may surprise yourself with new perspectives, understand the things better, generate solutions more quickly, and have more fun... More

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