Innompic Games



Big Challenge

Advanced formulation approaches


Product Vision




 For instance, at the World 1st and 2nd Innompic Games teams were to invent and create a business design of a World Best Innovation City and Global Innovation Accelerator respectively.
At Malaysia 1st University Innompic Games IPMA 2028 student teams were addressing the Big Challenge '
How To Inculcate Breakthrough Creativity and Innovative Culture' in Malaysian universities.
At Russia 1st regional Innompic Games teams were inventing strategies aiming to make the Belgorod region a leading digital economy in the country.



 For future Games


Innompic Games contest: Invent a New Product



The product invented by the team
will be used in further Innompic contests:

Product Vision  

Name   → Slogan & Headline   → Value Mantra     

Guiding Principles  

Story   → Presentation


Provided by Organizers

Selection by Teams

10 challenging problems to be solved

Choose any one

6 desired consumer values

May remove up to 3, if any

6 desired product attributes / features

May remove up to 3, if any


Selection Criteria

The challenging problems to be solved should meet the following criteria:

  • easy to understand by and intriguing for spectators because the invention and business development processes should be an interesting, engaging and educative creation show

  • inspire creation of radically new value for a huge group of international consumers

  • provide compelling rewards in various forms that may include recognition, fame, employment opportunity, prizes, moral satisfaction from creating a breakthrough solution, etc.

Who Selects the Challenges to be offered to Innoteams

  • Members of the Organizing Committee, Advisory Board members and Innossadors get a larger list of proposed challenges and vote for the ones they believe would make the biggest positive impact

  • The Global Coordinator may include in the final list up to two challenges that he thinks are most beneficial to the Games and the World




Examples of Problems / Challenges

  • How to create a hugely popular global educative social network for parents and kids?

  • How to create a great creativity development online service for kids?

  • How add more customer value to smartphones?

  • How to create a great match-making service (life, business)

  • How to create a global online innovation university?

  • How to create a next-generation innovation park?

  • How to create an advanced smart city

  • How to increase revenues of airlines?

  • How to improve access of farmers to the market?

  • How to create an opportunity-rich district for self-employed people?

Example of an elaborated Challenging Problem

Advanced Smart City

Desired Consumer Values

❶ Social Harmony

❷ Preventive Security

❸ High Safety

❹ Opportunities for life / business

❺ Self-Gardening

❻ Self-Cleaning

Desired Attributes / Features

❶ Highly reliable

❷ Easy to maintain and upgrade

❸ Cost effective

❹ Cheap basic version

❺ Modular design

❻ Adaptive modules




About Product Attributes and Features


Attributes and features both help describe a product in detail to the customers. However, unlike a product description, attributes and features donít paint a picture of the product; instead, they highlight a short list of the main features that are likely to interest the customers.