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Inventing an Innovative Mega-Solution

Big Challenge


Product Vision





A Big Challenge drives the participants to grow
mentally, professionally, and emotionally in a BIG way.



A Big Challenge to be addressed innovatively
is communicated to the participating teams well in advance. 

A creation show  and entrepreneurial creativity contests at Innompic Games begin with presentations by participating teams of their mega-inventions.


During Innompic Games, the finalists are given a new Big Challenge after the group contests have been completed and the finalists have been identified.




Examples of Big Challenges and Innovative Solutions To Them


Innompic Games

Big Challenge


World 1st IG 2017

Invent a World Best Innovation City


World 1st IG 2017

Attract 1 billion Internet-spectators to Web-based Innompic Games



Malaysia IPMA 2018

How To Inculcate Breakthrough Creativity and Innovative Culture


World 2nd IG 2018

Invent a Global Innovation Accelerator


Russia 1st regional IG

How to make Belgorod region a leading digital economy in Russia


World 3rd IG 2019

Invent a World-changing Product or Service






Free e-Coach is available for innovative entrepreneurs at the website of Innompic Games. The e-Coach provides A to Z Innovation 360 inspiration and guidance to innovators. In particular, it helps innovators to invent a new great product.







5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games

Water: Feedback and suggestions received from participants help to develop Innompic Games further creatively and to design new stretching tasks for contestants... More