Kseniya Kotelnikova, Russia, Miss Innovation World

A no-contest day before the finals could be added to give finalists more time to prepare their solutions to creative challenges.

Ksenia Kotelnikova

Dieu-My Le

I think the creation show can have a lot of improvement, mainly on the timing and also more rehearsal. This would makes everything flow more smoothly.



Farah Jazlina Binti Mohd Haidel, Malaysia, Solo Contestant | virtual World Innompic Games 2020

Include more sporty games and a fun run.

Add more visual fun; for instance, contestants could wear funny clothes.


Shreejan Bhandari, Nepal, KUSOM team, Innompic Games

Some of the routine and secretarial works might be better if delegated and take off some of the pressure from the Coordinator.

Shreejan Bhandari





 INNOMPIC GAMES are growing rapidly as the World's #1 innovation & entrepreneurship contests, accelerated learning events and a joyful creation show. During the roll-out stage, 2 global and 2 national Innompic Games were conducted within 14 months from September 2017 to November 2018.

Respondents were asked to divide 100% among 7 main benefits of INNOMPIC GAMES:


This balanced chart of assessment by participants of the value Innompic Games create for them  illustrates the essence of Innompic Games and holistic and harmonious nature of the way the events are designed.


A participant feedback survey demonstrated that the value create by INNOMPIC GAMES for all involved is well balanced.

This means that the overall business design of  global INNOMPIC GAMES is growing harmoniously.

At a national level, the business design of INNOMPIC GAMES can be adapted to national requirements in case a country' wants to create greater value in some high priority field in order to boost entrepreneurial creativity and smartness, talent development. innovation and innovation-driven entrepreneurship.


from 20+ countries demonstrated the the overall

. I asked them to give a mark to the 7 main benefits of Innompic Games so the total of the marks were 50. I wished to discover relative value of the 7 main benefits for participants. You see the results of the survey. They are quite balanced. This means that the overall business design of Innompic Games is harmonious and should be developed further in the same way.


IG feedback survey of the perceived benefits of Innompic Games.
The chart is quite balanced. This means the overall business design is harmonious. Yet, it can be adapted to national requirements in case a country' wants to create greater value in a high priority field.