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by Russia Team
'Best Innovation Team' award winner




Billion of Enthusiastic, Energized and Engaged People

 Creating outstanding value online
for a billion of people globally!




BEEEP - Innompic Games 1 billion users, best social network, synergistic motivation, all-inclusive




Value Mantra


Billion dreams soar, actions follow

Opportunities, Breakthroughs, Joy

Grow beyond your talented imagination


Guiding Principles


Focus on Value Creation

We will build a world where people can pursue their passions and unfold their talents.


Helping People Grow

We will help people find inspiration, learn, grow, develop and showcase their creative talents.


Spreading Joy

We will make ideation, creation and collaboration processes fun.



We will create a world where people of all ages from various cultures could find inspiration and opportunities for life.


Safety and Trust

We will build a safe and trusted ecosystem that helps people protect their virtual identity, creative works, intellectual property.




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Innovation Gurus comment of the Russia team's BEEEP solution