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Holistic Creativity (HC)

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Holistic creativity (HC) is a comprehensive approach to addressing a complex challenge and coming out with an integrated creative solution.

To master holistic creativity, adopt the Loving Creator's attitude. This is all but natural because the Loving Creator created us in his own likeness.

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Holistic Business Design

Metaphoric business models such as Tree, Kite, Musical, Football, Wood Screw, and Pisa Tower, inspire and facilitate holistic entrepreneurial creativity and help design harmonious real-life business models.


Business Design


Metaphoric Models of Entrepreneurial Success




Holistic Creativity strategic process 3Bs Brainstilling Brainstorming Vadim Kotelnikov  

Strategic Holistic Creativity

The three-step 3Bs strategic creativity model brainstilling, brainstorming, brainstilling makes the ideation process both effective and productive.

Amazing Thinker 360





Holistic Innovation (HI)





Holistic thinking and holistic creativity are the starting point of holistic innovation.





Holistic Innovation is a visionary big-picture systems approach to inventing, synergizing, designing, harmonizing, producing and delivering complex innovative value.

Innovation Success 360

  The Fruit Tree of Harmonious Innovation, from roots to fruits, Vadim Kotelnikov




Coaching by Example




Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

Innompic Games is a holistic and harmonious mega-innovation that helps participants grow as loving creators.

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Big Noble Mission

We are on a daring journey of turning the Earth to a harmonious Planet of Loving Creators.



Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

Creation is our divine mission! Innompic Games are the World's #1 entrepreneurial creativity contests and a creation show.

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Holistic Approach to Creativity and Innopreneurship





Entrepreneurial creativity contests of Innompic Games are designed so that to approach the art of innovation holistically A-Z/360.

The objective is to grow creative noble innopreneurs, not just inventors.

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Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

The driving force of innovation is love.  By its nature innovation is a science-flavored art. The process of innovation, ideally, is jazz − improvisation within a guiding structure, in reality, it is a football game.

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Community-wide rapport among Innompians makes it easier to approach the business design of Innompic Games holistically.





Video-introduction to Innompic Games





Innompic Games
turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

Naturally, this civilizational breakthrough and mega-innovation must be approached holistically and harmoniously.

This video shows
how we do it!