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Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools






Genius    Inventive Thinking    Advanced Ideation Techniques

Entrepreneurial Creativity    Strategic Creativity    Product Vision

How To Commercialize an Invention    10 Commandments of Innovation

Entrepreneurial Strategies  >>  Stand Out from the Competition >> 3 Strategies

Enemies of Innovation  >>  Why New Products Fain    Think for Your Enemies

Creative Problem Solving    Quick Evaluation of Idea

Virtuoso Marketing    Advertising Slogans







Innompic Games

Civilizational Breakthrough    Creation Show    Torch Web-Relay


Messages to the World

World, Friendship, Partnership


Learning, Knowledge, Creativity


Leadership, Teamwork

Funny Wisdom



If a team fails to invent a new product during the Blitz contest,
it still can participate in further invention-based contests (Product Vision, Name, Slogan, Guiding Principles, Innoball) by picking any invention from the Innompic Stock of Inventions waiting to be commercialized...



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Quick Idea Evaluation Techniques

for team leaders and judges

The Guidelines help judges evaluate ideas, assess collective smartness of an innovation team, individual smartness of each team member and decision making skills of a team leader... >>>