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My Dream Job

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Marketing Manager

As my future career, I want to become a marketing manager. A marketing manager is someone in a company who directs and is in charge of promoting and advertising the company’s products. Marketing managers would have to create campaigns and be organized. Furthermore, they plan out how the product will be communicated with the customers and they are in charge of making sure the campaigns stay on budget as well as receiving profit.

In order to become a marketing manager, I need to get a master’s degree and get more than 3 years’ experience in marketing field. I would be a good marketing manager because I love to travel, I am organized and neat, and love to communicate with others.

In order to pursue my career in Marketing, I joined SAIM college which is one of the popular business college of Nepal, even though I did my bachelor in Information Technology. I used to dream about being a successful IT engineer but after started working in a corporate company, my thinking slowly started to change then I made up my mind to enter the marketing field. While working in the company, I started connecting with my colleagues who are working in IT department, Finance, HR, Marketing and many more. I got a chance to compare the working behavior in real time because of the connections. From the observations, I find the marking job quite interesting that matches some qualities also which still needs to be polished. I discussed with the marketing managers of the company and they also shared about their journey regarding this field which made me more excited towards this field.

I started to research more about it and found out the following qualities in order to be a successful marketing manager and also did my rating on my own as (out of 10):

• Good teamwork skills – 7
Communication skills and networking ability - 7
• Adaptability - 6
• Strong attention to detail - 8
• Good organization and planning skills - 5
Creativity and writing skills - 6
• Commercial awareness - 8
• Numerical skills - 7
• IT skills - 8

It’s clear that marketing is imperative for any brand to thrive, so here are some of the reasons that made me love marketing:


Marketing can spark your inner artist. There are always new designs to craft, tools to use, and ideas to come up with. Creating visually appealing content is a great way to entice people to want to learn more. This is profound if you design a compelling marketing campaign that leads to new customers. No matter how skilled you are at design, marketing explores your creative side. If you lack creativity, there are many tools available for non-designers looking to enhance their skills in marketing.

Even the most traditional tools can upgrade your marketing game. For instance, color can resonate with viewers. You can make a bold statement just by incorporating certain colors in a digital ad or an email campaign. By implementing a particular color scheme throughout your marketing content, you can distinguish your brand amongst others in the industry and relay a purpose to your audience.

Content Creation

Writing never goes out of style. Crafting genuine and compelling content can work wonders for your business. Content that resonates with consumers can trigger certain emotions and form a bond between a brand and an individual. This type of connection can lead to future customers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to practice writing regularly to appeal to your audience, while also improving your own writing skills along the way. Try writing a weekly blog, or journal for ten minutes every day. If you work to improve your writing skills, you’ll soon realize marketing becomes an effortless process to love.

Data-Driven Results

Numbers don’t lie. Whether it’s a social media campaign or paid advertisement, you can use market research to collect valuable data. This data gives insight into how you should structure your strategy.

For instance, the analytical data can determine which business segment to focus on during a particular stretch of time. If a team needs more support than others during a quarter, you can re-focus your efforts to fit their needs. Analytical results can also justify your marketing budget. If it is clear that your business is reaching consumers with a particular investment, it would be worthwhile to continue it. If you enjoy numbers, you’ll love the amount of limitless ways you can utilize data in marketing.

Establishing Connections

Marketing can boost your people skills. Marketing is about reaching audiences and connecting with consumers. There are several channels to do this, so you have to stay in tune with your audiences to make the right marketing decisions. Eventually, as you hone your intuition and support it with data, you’ll effectively reach consumers and drive them to take desired actions.

Comparatively, when you work with your team to generate marketing ideas, you will be forming bonds within the company. Collaboration between you and your co-workers is an essential part of a successful company. Since marketing and sales teams nurture prospects and close deals, the growth of a business relies on the combination of the two. There is even a term for the integration of marketing and sales – “sales integration". While it can be tricky to unify these teams, it is beneficial for a brand to incorporate marketing into the mix. Marketing is powerful. You can design visually appealing content, craft messages that resonate with viewers, apply numbers to actions, and form connections with your audience and your internal team.

With so many creative avenues available – mobile apps, online ads, blog posts, social media platforms, infographics, presentations – your audience will always see your content in a new light. That’s why I started loving the marketing.

I have been working as a graphic designer for more than 6 years and I have been fortunate to work with some of the renowned marketing faces who shared their knowledge with me. I believe hardworking and attitude of can do or never give up thinking will definitely bring out the result to succeed your dream job.

~ Bibek Maharajan