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1st Innompic Plaque

Prepared for and signed during the formal announcement of Innompic Games


Global #1

Changing the World

1st Innompic Games



INNOMPIC GAMES - the Launch of the Millenium, ISBA 2016, India

The history changing decision to launch Innompic Games
was formally announced
at the international business incubation conference  
ISBA 2016, 10 September 2016, Puna, India


The Innompic launch plaque
was signed in two original copies
by innovators and entrepreneurship development leaders from
Finland, India, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and USA


The only copy
of the digital image of the 1st Innompic Plaque

will be processed by the Founder

using Cimcoin technology

to prove authenticity and the uniqueness of the image

and thus to create an eRaritet

that may be sold to a collector of unique items  later on


 The Signatories



The lager plaque
will be kept in
the host organization


Innompic Games Launch Plaque signed, ISBA 2016, Vadim Kotelnikov, Rajendra Jagdale

Dr. Rajendra Jagdale

President of the Indian STEPs and Business Incubators' Association (ISBA); Member Secretary, Maharashtra State Innovation Council;


Dr. Hassnah Wee

Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi MARA


Mr. Andre Marquis

Executive Director Lester Center for Entrepreneurship Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley


Mr.Konstantin Beschetnov

Founder and CEO of The Third Rome;  former Member of the Parliament


Ms. Rosemary Wolson

Senior Intellectual Property Manager, CSIR

South Africa

Ms. Silva Paananen

Kasvu Consulting Pvt , Delhi & India Partner of Tekes, the Finnish Innovation Funding Agency


Mr. Foo Kim Peng

Managing Director, Kerydh Pvt. Ltd.


Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder of Innompic Games

Global Coordinator


The smaller plaque
will be kept in
the Innompics museum


Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games, plaque




  The Launch of the Millennium



Vadim Kotelnikov: Founder's Speech

Dr. Rajendra Jagdale explains the design of the plaque. 

Plaque signing process.

1st Innompic Games will be held in November 2017
in India, simultaneously with the General Assembly of
the Asian Association of Business Incubators (AABI)

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Innompic Games are Open, Vadim Kotelnikov, Rajendra Jagdale, ISBA 2016

Innompic Games story: 1st Innompic Cake, Vadim Kotelnikov, Anya, Dennis, Ksusha




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