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Intellectual Olympics for innovators


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Innompic Games

Global entrepreneurial creativity contest
that allows Internet spectators to participate as well


To foster entrepreneurial creativity and innovation globally  >>>

Civilizational Breakthrough

Within three years, intellectual Innompic Games are to become more popular than Olympics because Innompics are


2017: 4 teams, some Internet-spectators

2018: 16 teams, 50 million Internet-spectators

2019: 32 teams, 1 billion Internet-spectators

Entrepreneurial Creativity Contests
of the 1st Innompic Games

  1. Blitz Contests (give a name and create an advertising slogan for a given product; create a value-adding modification of a given product; solve a given problem creatively; find opportunities in a given problem)

  2. Simulation game 'Innovation Football' (3-4 hours long; helps both build and assess the capabilities of an innovation team to implement a radical innovation project and turn a promising idea into a great business by creating breakthrough strategies,  thinking for the enemy, anticipating diverse and continuously emerging challenges, solving problems creatively, and strengthening both the team and the project implementation strategies)

Enabling Know-hows


Trained and thoroughly selected national or international teams of innovators


Experienced innovators from various countries

Internet spectators

May also participate in various contests and win prizes


The best innovation teams and individual innovators are identified based on their participation in all Innompic contests. There are big medals for overall performance and small medals for winners in individual contests, such as creative problem solving.

Internet-spectators may also win special best-idea prizes.


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Global Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Innompic Games are to help people, organizations and countries to unlock their unlimited capabilities for innovation by
establishing an inspirational entrepreneurial creativity contest and learning platform for both participating teams and spectators, and by
creating next-wave opportunities for innopreneurs throughout the World.

Initially, Innompic Games were a purely entrepreneurial initiative because big breakthroughs are usually created by small entrepreneurial teams.

Yet, after several vision-mates from governmental organizations of various countries expressed their interest to become co-founders of
the Innompic Games, we decided to launch the venture as
public-private partnership (PPP).


We welcome new Mission-mates!