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A social entrepreneur's story by

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Nurturing child actors



Mefodi's 'AmaThe' is a performing arts school for kids and an amateur theatre that engages child actors.





Mefodi was an actor. He loved acting himself and he loved to teach performing arts other people, especially kids.

Performing arts boost creativity that helps people achieve much more in life.

Besides, joint creative artful performances by a group connect people at deeper levels, make them feel happier and build lasting friendships.

Mefodi registered an amateur theatre "AmaThe" (Amazing Theatre) as a startup in the city he lived and ... met with the first big challenge.


Innovative thinking tool: Rope People in the city were too busy and too overwhelmed with choices to notice another showbiz startup.


Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tool: Balloon Mefodi moved to a village where there are no theatres, people are hungry for theatric performances, and the collectivism is much higher.

'AmaThe' kids theatre became admired in the village quickly.


Broom metaphoric tool Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools KITT A pandemic-caused quarantine morphed the theatre. 'AmaThe' found itself with no actors and no spectators.


Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: HEADSET Tech-savvy Mefodi adapted to the new challenge quickly and created a virtual 'AmaThe' with all rehearsals and performances run online.

The new virtual 'AmaThe' got famous nationwide.


Innovative thinking tool: MONEY Mefodi was running out of his savings and had to invent and build revenue streams for 'AmaThe'.


Fishing Rod - KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tool Mefodi developed a set of appealing brand attributes for 'AmaThe' and invented innovative social media marketing strategies to attract 5-digit daily Internet audience to outstanding 'AmaThe' performances.

Thanks to the increased traffic of the 'AmaThe' website the venture started generating small, yet stable revenues from contextual ads.

Mefodi hired a passionate marketing pro who started persuading companies targeting rural areas to advertise at 'AmaThe' website and through product placement in 'AmaThe' videos.

AmaThe logo amateur theatre  

As 'AmaThe' actors were famous in rural areas, some companies hired 'AmaThe' to produce video ads. 'AmaThe' became financially sustainable.

Kids were HAPPY!






Mark given by Jury: 9.38





At World Innompic Games 2020,
Dennis won the main individual award
'Mister Innovation World' for overall performance as well as 9 awards in focused contests.

Mr Innovation World Dennis Kotelnikov, Russia, Innompic Games 2020 award certificate




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