What is sMusical-Inn

sMUSICAL-INN is a small a-la musical with an innovation & business flavor.

sMUSICAL-INN is a new type of the art of innovation and entrepreneurship with more performing arts in it. It is also a new type of performing art created largely by amateur showpeople who want to make their life-business-synergy journey even more artful and joyful.

“Inn’ stands for ‘Innovation”, “Innopreneurship”, and “Innompics”, while ‘s’ in ‘sMusical’ symbolises ’small’, ‘smile’ and ‘smart’.


Why sMusical-Inn

Innompic Games, the peak events of the Planet of Loving Creators and the global Innompic Ecosystem, revealed that entrepreneurial innovators, when challenged, enjoy writing scripts for a creation show and love to act as performing artists.

Joyful Innompic creation shows, both Innompic-style venture presentations and Innoball simulation games, turned quickly into a new type of art. The birth of this new type of art inspired creation of its spin-off – sMusical-Inn as an after-contests fun performance by participants of Innompic Games.



The First sMusical-Inn

The script of the first-ever sMusical-Inn named

‘Startup “Romeo & Juliet’’

was written for performances by the Innompic Theatre at the World 3rd Innompic Games 2019.

sMusical-Inn 'Startup Romeo & Juliet' banner premiere Innompic Theatre KIET India 3rd World Innompic Games

It was premiered at the end of Day 1 after the contests. According to the IG 2019 plan, most actors were to be replaced by new ones at the final performance of the sMusical on Day 3. At the end of the Day 2, after the contests, a joyful casting was organized to select these new actors.



IG 2019 and the premiere of sMusical-Inn 'Startup Romeo & Juliet'



Three Synergistic Features of a sMusical-Inn



Though valuable in their own right, sMusical-Inns were invented to create a joyful, relaxed and uniting environment amidst a larger contests-oriented event.


Greater emphasis on content that synergises life and innopreneurship stories.


The main musical theme is usually strongly emphasised. For instance, the first sMusical-Inn ‘Startup “Romeo & Juliet’’ uses the anthem of Innompic Games ‘I Have a Difference To Make!’ as its leitmotif

 Innompic Theatre, Premiere sMusical-Inn 'Startup Romeo & Juliet', Innompic Games 2019, KIET, Ghaziabad, India