Innompic Games is an amazing opportunity to change the world for the better. Innompics nurture love, friendship, innovation, and peace. IG help leaders of the new age to excel in value creation, entrepreneurial creativity and collaboration. These leaders can create a better future for all people around the world.

Innompic Games raise hope for positive global changes that are so necessary for our planet! Innompic Games inspire people to love, to think, and to create!




First Impression 30-second video
Marina Vorobyeva






Marketing Slogans

for IG 2020 online

Pandemic? Game! Emerge, reframe!


Play the Innompic Game − be aflame!


Pandemic is a chance for creative polemic!






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IG 2020 online: the event that erases all borders!
IG 2020 is game without borders, game without age, a game that will light a fire in your heart!


Do you think you can do more ?! Play IG 2020 !
Show yourself to the world and find new friends!


Russian team IG 2020: be a member of a large creative family
Become a part of the team! Feel the support and joy of working together!