Marina Vorobyeva

Marina Vorobyeva

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Marina Vorobyeva

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Love, Harmony, Self-Development

Marina Vorobyeva



Innompic Games is an amazing opportunity to change the world for the better. Innompics nurture love, friendship, innovation, and peace. IG help leaders of the new age to excel in value creation, entrepreneurial creativity and collaboration. These leaders can create a better future for all people around the world.

Innompic Games raise hope for positive global changes that are so necessary for our planet! Innompic Games inspire people to love, to think, and to create!





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My Dream Job

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My dream job is a job where I could benefit people and help them make the right choice.

I like selling people products and services that benefit them. I like to communicate with people and I feel great when customers are satisfied and happy.

I'm also an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. I learned the nutrition science and I understand the role of various vitamins. I can help my friends with this.

Now in the era of global health decline due to poor nutrition and sleep, junk food and unnatural food, many people are overweight, diabetic and have a weak immune system.

The pandemic has shown us that all nations should take care of their health, since people with chronic diseases are in the top-risk group.

Therefore, my ideal job is to combine selling, communication and helping people to find ways to improve their body, to design the right nutrition approach, to choose vitamins that will give them energy and strength. and to combine this with effective fitness programs.

After all, health is a resource that allows us to achieve our goals, gives energy for creativity and realization of dreams. By doing something useful for thyemselves every day, for example, fitness exercises or a healthy lunch, people do good for themselves, their dear ones and their country. After all, healthy people shape a healthy, strong and happy nation as a whole.

~ Marina Vorobyeva, 33 y.o.